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Neevevaro Review : Poor crime thriller !

Neevevaro Review

Telugu360 Rating : 2/5

Story :

‘Neevevaro’ is a love triangle at the beginning. A blind chef Kalyan ( Aadhi Pinisetty ) , loves Vennela ( Tapsee ), while his childhood friend Anu ( Ritika ) is in love with him. On his engagement day with Anu he drives himself into a crime web , followed by an accident — the film turns into a investigative thriller since then.

Rest of the story is about how kalyan chases down the criminal , and how finally he nabs them !

Performances : For first half an hour Aadhi Pinisetty shows his mark good performance as a blind guy , later his characterization pales down and so is his performance. Tapsee as Vennela got an interesting role , she fits the role well. Ritika Singh as Anu is good choice in this small budget film. Tulasi , Sivajiraja , Satyakrishna as parents of hero heroines and comedian saptagiri as a helping guy to hero played routine roles. Star comedian Vennela Kishore comedy did not work much in this film, as a constable he got lengthy role in second half.

Analysis :

Crime thrillers are turned lucrative in Tollywood in last few years. Given the limited budget, an average talk is helping them out to recover the budget. Satellite , digital rights etc. are adding up as aprofit. So every writer , director started milking same genre time and again. ‘ Neevevaro’ is pretty much such in vain attempt to cash in trendy crime investigation theme.

Plot starts off with a triangular drama between noble intention characters Kalyan, Anu and Vennela. In general first half goes easy on audience , but this film right from the word go on pathos mode and slow narration. Beaten to death track ..Hero gets impressed by a heroine who donates food to needy elder age beggers etc sentimental scenes occupy first half major part. Once hero meets with an accident , gets his eye vision , things turn crime angle. A call money gang involves , kalyan investigates about what happened to vennela.

Second half is investigation with no good puzzles to engage the audience. Predictable twists , poor screenplay make a pale second half , which is a follow-up to a slow first half.

Hero characterization had been mentally, physically so competent when he was blind , but after getting eye vision – turns routine.

Towards the climax , after revealing who is the criminal , things are interesting for a while. That is only worked out item in whole film. Music is forgettable right after those songs. Overall , not a satisfactory experience

Positives :

  • Aadi Pinisetty performance
  • Tapsee characterization

Negatives :

  • Slow , sentimental first half
  • Unappealing second half
  • Crime story lacks thrill

Verdict :

‘ Neevevaro ‘ is a poorly made crime investigating thriller. This is another movie in vain tried to cash in the present trend of crime thriller. Aadhi’s effort , Tapsee characterization aren’t enough to rescue this film.

Telugu360 Rating : 2/5

Release Date : 24th Aug, 2018
Director : Hari Nath
Music Director : Ghibran
Choreography : Sai Sriram
Producer : M.V.V. Satyanarayana
Starring : Aadhi, Taapsee , Ritika Singh

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