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Five Telugu web-series to watch this summer


On a very random hot day, when you are not sure where you are heading, you-tube web series definitely helps. The summer is witnessing heat and an influx of Telugu web-series. Here is a quick review of Telugu web-series released recently –

Geetha Subramanyam

The rom-com explores the lives of live-in couple Geetha and Subramanyam, garnished with humour and silly fights. Not many may accept the live-in thing, but it is happening and is not all about sex. Any software engineer can easily relate to it and even newly married couple can connect. Each episode is different, so you can start watching 4th episode first instead of first and can be watched any number of times. Watch Geetha Subramanyam whenever you want to just relax, giggle without much drama.


It is a dramedy in which Dhanya plays a typical girl-next-door who goes out to party, gets drunk and realizes that she ispregnant. She with the help of her boyfriend tries to figure out and trace back all the events that happened during the party that lead her into pregnancy.The suspense is engaging and the series itself is thought provoking series.Ladies, in case you find a guy like the hero, just marry him.


Endukila is a story about a guy Dhanush Rishi aka Dhari (Sumanth Ashwin) who is brand ambassador for bad luck. This series is fib and one cannot connect to it. Don’t try to find logics in this, set aside your brain and watch it. For someone who likes funny dialogues, it is a must watch. First episode seems a little bit dragged, otherwise, the next episodes are engaging.

Nenu Mee Kalyan

The rom-com series is the story of RJ Kalyan’s search for true love. Except for Suhas and hero’s sister-in-law nothing is relatable. Suhas tickles your funny bone and his scenes are hilarious. Put your brain aside and watch the series. The hero stands out as ideal definition of ‘chocolate boy’ with baby cut hair and pink lips. The first season ended with five episodes but towards the end the core ideafinds resemblance to popular show ‘How I met your mother’.

Pelli Gola

Shot in a village backdrop, the rom-com depicts all the fun in a Telugu wedding. The male lead is a doctor while the best part of the series is the heroine being a Kabbadi player and is shown as strong person. Girls can easily relate to the heroine.The feel-good series seems to be dragged in couple of episodes. Otherwise,the scenes where Andhra meets Telangana are entertaining.

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