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CRDA is equal to scandalous VANPIC -Pawan’s caustic remark


Janasena president and movie star Pawan kalyan unequivocally warned that TDP government should not resort to land acquisition in River Front villages in the Amaravati Capital development region with governmental force.

Taking a stand that is bound to cause embarrassment to the chief minister Chandrababu, Pawan said he was opposed to the acquisition the land from an area which gives three or four crops per year and whose owners were unwilling to part with their lands.

As far as the objective of taking the land from the farmers against their will, Pawan said,” there is no difference between scam ridden Vanpic project taken up by then chief minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy and CRDA(capital region development of authority) of Chandrababu Naidu. Both deprived the farmers of their lands.”
This analogy speaks volumes of Pawan’s mind.

Pawan reached Penumaka village, capital development region in Guntur district, this afternoon and had long interaction with farmers before addressing the gathering. A stone pelted at him by a miscreant failed to have any impact on the meeting.
All farmers told him that neither land pooling nor acquisition would be compensation for their land.The farmers told him they would rather commit suicide if they were to forego the land to the capital.
Many farmers, who own 25 to 60 cents told him that this small parcel was fetching them Rs 5000 per month, and the annuity the government was offering was just Rs 50,000 per year. “With land our lives also will be gone if the land is acquired,” the farmers told the ‘power star’.
Pawan with Penumak farmers

“When these small farmers are not willing to part with their lands, government is not supposed to invoke land acquisition act, which is surviving with an ordinance that is going to expire this month end,” Pawan said. Stating that he was not questioning those people who voluntarily offered their land, Pawan said, other farmers also had the same right not to offer their land.

Putting forth an impressive argument in support of the farmers, Pawan, dismissed the averments of ministers Narayana, Pattipati Pullarao, Ravela Kishore Babu and MP Galla Jayadev, and recalled how TDP MP Muralimohan, a rich man, recoiled in anguish when his land was acquired for Hyderabad Outer Ring Road during Congress regime.

“A rich man like Muralimohan knocked the doors of supreme court against land acquisition done for ORR. Then is it wrong for a poor man, who has nothing but a few cents of land, to oppose the land acquisition to save his livelihood,” Pawan asked. He said in biting sarcasm that Muralimohan knows well the pain losing of land causes.

Similarly, he asked MP Galla Jayadev to visit the area to listen to the stories of agony of losing the land which gave them food for generations to understand the pain that results from the forceful separation farmer from his land.

Indirectly, Pawan questioned inadequacy of of thinking that had gone into the location of capital.
“I have met people from Rayalaseema who want the capital in their region as they lost the capital when it was shifted from Kurnool to Hyderabad following the formation of Andhra Pradesh. It clearly shows that a region is feeling that injustice meted out to it,” he said acknowledging the region fear that
they might not get justice from a government which was ignoring the demands of backward region.
Pawan lauded the efforts to build sky scrapers in capital city while stating that capital should not be built with tears of poor farmers.

In the same vein, Pawan posed another irksome question to the TDP government.” You (TDP) opposed YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s land acquisition for the Vanpic project. You fought in support farmers stating the Congress government was grabbing the farmers’ land to the benefit of phony companies. Then, what is the difference between Vanpic and CRDA,” he asked.

Through out the speech, Pawan had been piercingly sarcastic on Chandrababu Naidus’ experience.
Many times he referred to him as the experienced man, able administrator, builder of hi-tech city and as a man who impressed even the president of India while simultaneously pricking Naidu for his thoughtless pressure on the farmers to surrender their land for capital construction.

However, Pawan, feigned cautious about TDP and the government. “I have not come here to fight with a chief minister whom he supported in 2014 elections, painfully going against the wishes of his own brother. We resolve issues across the table. In issues can’t be resolved throgh talk what is meaning democracy,” he asked and adding that he would not hesitate to lay down his life for a just cause.
While stating that he was still a supporter of TDP’s Naidu, he clarified that he was not a slave to that alliance.

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