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Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Review : Excruciatingly Slow !


Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Movie Review Achcham yenbadhu madamaiyada review

TELUGU360 Rating 2.25/5
Starring Naga Chaitanya and newbie Manjima Mohan in the lead pair, Sahasame Swaasagaa Saagipo is a Gautam Menon directional that is due for release from a long time. The film was postponed numerous times and is finally making it to the screens today (Nov 11) after clearing all the hurdles. As the first word in the title suggests – It will be a big ‘Sahasam’ (brave attempt) to release a film at this point of time due to demonetization effect. But the makers of Naga Chaitanya’s Sahasame Swasagaa Saagipo are not going to defer its release. Tipped to be a romantic entertainer, the film features Baba Sehgal as the main antagonist. The refreshing posters and the heartwarming songs have already become a rage with the audience. A R Rahman composed the soundtrack for the film. M. Ravinder Reddy is the producer. Let’s see if Chaitu can end this year on a high with another hit.

Story :

Leela Satyamurthy ( Manjima Mohan) ,is a resident of Maharashtra state. Pursuing career as an assistant director, Leela visits Vizag to stay at her friend Maitreyi’s home for few weeks. Leela starts liking Rajanikanth (Naga Chaitanya) – brother of Maitreyi. Rajanikanth, who is an MBA student and bike enthusiast, plans for a bike trip to Kanyakumari along with Leela. In the road trip, they meet with an accident and at around same day Leela’s parents are attacked in Maharashtra.

Puzzled by the course of the events, the injured duo learns the reasons behind the accident, attacks. Rest of the story is how Rajanikanth protects Leela and her family in Maharashtra from the goons


  • Romantic musicals
  • Lead pair Naga Chaitanya, Manjima


  • Slow narration in first half
  • plot in second half
  • Insipid script
  • Half-baked villainy


Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo starts off in typical Gowtam Menon style: A boy, girl and natural development of love between them. Narrated as a musical love story, first of the movie has many songs, bit songs and montage songs. All songs are completed within the first half. Nagachaitanya, Manjima Mohan’s chemistry is just fine, with very few good dialogues. Overall, despite slow narration, first half is passable

Once the movie hits the crime path, direction went haywire. The chaos after attack on Leela’s parents in Maharashtra are prolonged, testing the audience patience. Nagachaitanya’s one man heroism in rescue of Leela’s parents works out only in parts and majority of the times in-effective. The whole second half is rather frivolous.

Naga Chaitanya and Manjima are good in their roles. Baba Sehgal as bad cop has done decent job.

Vellipomake song visuals are good but placement of the song is an experiment of sorts. This song, which is misplaced, comes right after a serious accident occurs to the lead pair. All other song bits are ok on screen but none of them linger after leaving the theater.

Cinematography is natural and captured picturesque Kerala well in few shots. However, the director utterly failed in weaving gripping crime story. Screen play is extremely laggard for taste of Telugu audience.


Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo is a below average movie, if you are a Naga Chaitanya fan you may watch it once. For all other sections, there is not much in offer. Released after multiple postponements and with low expectations, openings of this movie are doubtful and survival at the box-office can be uphill task.

Release Date : November 11, 2016
Director : Gautham Menon
Music director: A. R. Rahman
Production Company: Dwaraka Creations
Cinematography : Dan Macarthur
Starring : Naga Chaitanya, Manjima Mohan

TELUGU360 Rating 2.25/5

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Jakkanna Review : Sunil’s boring feats continue


Sunil Jakkanna Movie Review, Rating, Jakkanna Review, Jakkanna telugu Movie Review, Jakkanna film review, Jakkanna Cinema talk

Telugu360 Rating 2/5

Comedian-turned-actor Sunil is going through a lean patch from the past few years. His career has been battered with back to back debacles and he is trying hard to make a strong comeback. His upcoming film Jakanna, which is directed by Vamshi Krishna Akkella, is all set to hit the screens today. Tipped to be a complete entertainer with a good dose of action elements, Jakanna has Mannara Chopra as the female lead.

The posters and trailers have generated a decent buzz on the film and the core team members have promoted the film big-time. Sunil has pinned a lot of hopes on the film and the result is going to very crucial for him. Sudharsan Reddy is the producer and Dinesh composed the tunes for the film. Let’s see if the film is going to revive Sunil’s career. Here is our complete review.


Jakkanna is the story of Ganesh (Sunil) alias Jakkanna who is known for helping people who helped him in the past. Jakkanna has no limits in this and he is ready to reach any heights. He gets helped by a mafia goon Bairaghi (Kabir Singh Duhan) after which Jakkanna goes in search for him to Vizag. During this time, he falls in love with Sahasra (Mannara Chopra) and the rest of the film is about the relation between Bairaghi and Jakkanna. Why did Bairaghi try to kill Jakkanna? How Ganesh alias Jakkanna solved all his problems and win his love with Sahasra. Watch the film to know about the rest.

Artists Performance:

Sunil who proved his mettle excelled once again with his performance and stupendous dance movements. However this alone is not enough for the film to sustain. Though he performed well, the movie fails to impress the audience completely. Mannara Chopra has been decent in her crisp role which had no scope to perform and she has been limited for glamorous show. The comedians Prudhvi, Sapthagiri, Prabhas Seenu, Raghu did their best for the movie. Kabir Singh Duhan has been apt as Bairaghi in the film.

Technical Aspects:

Sunil has done number of films with the same plots that will sure irritate the audience. The story has nothing new to get impressed and the poor screenplay makes the film fall flat. Though the first half of Jakkanna has been decent to some extent, the second half of the film fails miserably in all the available ways. The dialogues have been just ok and the music has been so bad. The cinematography is the only saviour of the film and the editing should have been better. The production values of Jakkanna have been exceptional that every frame looks rich enough. Vamsi Krishna Akella is the reason behind Jakkanna’s massive debacle and he failed to keep the audience engaging.


Sunil is the major highlight of Jakkanna and he carried the entire film on his shoulders. He worked real hard and excelled with his dances and his performance. The routine narration along with the predictable plot and the unwanted comedy tracks makes Jakkanna a below average fare. Each and every frame has been filled with a bunch of comedians who rush to impress the audience. Jakkanna falls flat and will end up as a massive debacle.

Jakkanna Movie Cast & Crew :

Release Date : July 29th 2016 (Friday)
Director : Vamsi Krishna Akella
Producer : Sudarshan Reddy
Music by : Dinesh
Starring : Sunil, Mannara Chopra, Posani Krishna murali, Sapthagiri

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