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Sardar Gabbar Singh Review : A Roaring Pawan , Crouching Screenplay


Sardar Gabbar Singh Review , Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review

The most-awaited Pawan Kalyan film of our times came with a ton of expectations. Many thought it will be the mother of all sequels to the previous “Gabbar Singh” that will seal his stamp of entertainment for the second time in a row. With a liberal producer Sharath Marrar and a filmy director Bobby, the target was too big to miss. Let us see how it has ended up..


The title already sealed it as a grand affair than “Gabbar Singh” and the story confirms just that. It has no bearing to the film “Gabbar Singh” except the weight of the title borrowed from “Sholay”‘s most-famous character. And so, a self-styled boy becomes a maverick cop who likes to call himself like a desi police version of Bond, James Bond (Gabbar Singh, Sardar Gabbar Singh). He is transferred from Hyderabad to a place adjoining Telangana State called Rattanpur where a Warlord Bhairon Singh and his bunch of goons bully a village into submission. The lawless village also makes a large Royal Family live in constant fear of Bhairon Singh – ruled by Princess Arishi (Kajal Agarwal) and his caretaker Diwan Mukesh Rishi. Sardar’s onset in Rattanpur begins to change nothing at first but the magic of his real character unfolds to give an umbrella of protection to the village at large and the Princely Estate in particular. Parallel to the confrontation between Sardar and Bhairon is a romantic track between Sardar and the princess which gives a relief from the machine gun clatter sounds you hear throughout the film.

Direction :
To be fair, director Bobby makes a valiant effort to uplift the film from the ordinary with innovative scenes to showcase the range of PK’s show of talent from dancing and fights to comic timing and punching of dialogues. But the story and the screenplay are a big let down and the blame has to fall on the team for that. Despite exceptional production values and lavish sets, the story doesn’t let the screenplay grip you and because of the slack in pace, most of the emotions remain under leash throughout the film. For example, the first fight of the film – much after the hero enters the fray in the tenth minute – doesn’t come until the 52nd minute or so. In projecting the hero and his playful image of a cop who is unconventional and unpredictable (the Dabbangg), the director takes many jump cuts in the overall narration of scenes. Several scenes in the film appear either illogical or abrupt and clarity is missing as to why have them in the first place. Even an amateur commercial director has a good sense of how to establish a lead scene, and then set it up for the next scene that conveys something that moves the story forward. Between Editor Gautam Raju and director Bobby, there are many slip-ups in scenes that just appear and go without collinearity to the narrative.

Even lead and superstar comedians like Brahmanandam and Pridhviraj have been wasted with insignificant roles that add no moat to the film’s entertainment value.Ali has just one punchline that one remembers but otherwise he also is predictable. Villains from Sharath Kelkar to Pradeep Rawal are quite banal and offer nothing new because their strengths do not come out in the way they were characterised. There is a repeat of Anthakshari in the second half but the surprise element of “Gabbar Singh” and the holding power is missing in this: too much noise, disparity in song selection reduce it to a musical that is a cross between Hard-Rock concert and a Street Fair carnival.

Technicalities :
Technically, the film’s strongest point is music. While two of the songs Toba Toba and a duet in the snows are well shot and composed, the BGM by DSP is outstanding. He seems to be the only one other than Pawan Kalyan who tried to shoulder full responsibility to give a giant push towards the success of the film. In many scenes, even the dullness of the moment is surcharged by the arresting music sense of Devi Sri Prasad. Dialogues for Pawan Kalyan are quite apt and politically correct – many of them are meant to be a precursor to his future political moves (“When the people need me, I will come even if uninvited”.) Kajol Agarwal looks cute as the princess and carries her role very confidently despite acting with a mature hero who doesn’t appear comfortable acting up close with heroines. Despite that, Kajol pulls it off giving some of the cutest intimate moments that will endear the youth. Only her makeup artist has gone overboard at times with heavy lipstick and all that.

Pawan Kalyan’s Performance:

Pawan Kalyan obviously is the star of the film who carries it on his shoulders. His dancing steps raised a new toast to skills usually berated from the Power Star. His dressing sense is stylish and dapper. Given all the limitations of the script, he is the sole reason to watch the film as he packs quite a punch in every frame he appears. One hopes, this is not the swan song as rumours made it out to be because with the improvisations in fights and love scenes, he is still like a forest as some movie line labels him as – always full of surprises. Another surprise is the way Pawan Kalyan includes the famous songs of Chiranjeevi in the Anthakshari sequence – it ends a lot of speculation about any “cold vibes” between the Megastar and the Power Star.


Fifty minutes into the watching of the film and several entertaining shots later, you wonder whether you are watching a fan tribute film – something that puts a montage video of all of Power Star’s favorite sound bytes, mannerisms, exciting body language and dressing roles from a mafia cop to a cowboy hero, Prince Charming to a street-side sharp-shooter -and pump up the screen with a range of dance grooves never-shown before and fight sequences mostly self-composed.

On the whole, this is a film for the masses and the hysterical fan following of Pawan Kalyan. It may not mean much in his filmography, but even fans need a pump-prime for their favorite hero.

Telugu360.com Rating: 2.75/5

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Official : Sardar Gabbar Singh audio launch on March 20th


Sardaar Gabbar Singh audio Release Date

Putting an end to all the speculations, the makers of Pawan Kalyan’s Sardar Gabbar Singh officially confirmed that the audio launch will take place on the 20th of this month in Hyderabad. The venue will be announced shortly.

The shooting is on the brink of completion and the unit will soon head to Switzerland for its final schedule. It is learnt that Devi Sri Prasad’s music has come out exceedingly well and will surely create waves in the market. KS Ravindra aka Bobby is directing this action flick and Sharrat Marar is bankrolling it in association with Eros International and Pawan Kalyan Creative Works.

Kajal Aggarwal and Lakshmi Raai are the female leads in the film. April 8th has been locked as the release date.

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70 day hectic schedule for Pawan Kalyan


The makers of Pawan Kalyan’s Sardaar Gabbar Singh are planning a 70 day long schedule which commences on December 28th in Hyderabad. Major action episodes and some crucial scenes will be canned in this hectic schedule which will proceed till February. Majority of the film will be wrapped up with this schedule and the makers are planning to release the film for Summer.

The unit wrapped up its shoot in Gujarat recently and returned to Hyderabad. A new teaser will be unveiled in a few more days. Bobby is directing this action entertainer and Sharrat Marar is producing it. Kajal Aggarwal and Lakshmi Raai are the female leads in the film. Devi Sri Prasad is the music composer.

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Rai Lakshmi’s role in Gabbar Singh extended


A little change in name had worked wonders for Raai Lakshmi. Nothing seemed to have gone in her favour when she was Lakshmi Rai, her career came to a standstill and she stayed without work for six months. Suddenly in Telugu, she signed up for a cameo in Pawan Kalyan‘s Sardar Gabbar Singh and the role also has become bigger. This is exactly what she was looking for, the big break. In Hindi, Rai Lakshmi makes her debut with the legendary film Julie 2 and it apparently means her 50th film as actor. She’s also part of A.R. Muragadoss film Akira a remake of Mouna Guru in which she is a special appearance.

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Kajal to join ‘Sardaar’ on September 20th


Glamorous actress Kajal Aggarwal is making a comeback in Tollywood after a brief gap post her last film,Temper, which released in February. She was busy with a couple of Tamil projects and a Bollywood film. Recently, she agreed to play the female lead in Pawan Kalyan‘s Sardar Gabbar Singh.

As per an exclusive update, Kajal will join the unit on the 20th of this month and take part in the shooting for ten days. The regular shooting of ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ is going on in Hyderabad and some crucial scenes between Pawan Kalyan and villain Kabir Duhan Singh are being canned in this schedule. Bobby is directing the film and Sharrat Marar is producing it.

Apart from this film, Kajal Aggarwal will be seen as one of the female leads in Mahesh Babu‘s next film Brahmotsavam.

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Sardar Gabbar Singh new schedule from tomorrow


Power star Pawan Kalyan’s Sardar Gabbar Singh will have a new schedule commencing from tomorrow (Sep 7th) morning in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. Sources reveal that Pawan Kalyan will join the unit from Tuesday and some important scenes will be canned involving the principal cast. Young baddie Kabir Singh, who was roped in as one of the antagonists in the film, will also join the unit in this schedule.

Young filmmaker Bobby is the film’s director and Sharrat Marar is producing the film in association with Pawan Kalyan Creative Works and Eros International banner. Kajal Aggarwal and Lakshmi Rai are the female leads in the film which also has Charandeep and Sharad Kelkar in crucial roles. DSP is giving the tunes for the film.

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