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Sher Movie Review – Monotonous Action Drama


Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is high on the commercial success of Pataas which released earlier this year. He is aiming to continue his success streak with one more hit in the form of Sher, which has hit the screens today . Let’s find out if the film is able to meet the expectations or not.

Starring : Kalyan Ram, Sonal Chauhan

Director : Mallikharjun

Producer : Komara Venkatesh

Music Director : SS Thaman

Runtime – 117 Minutes

Plot :

Gautham (Kalyan Ram) is a gutsy civil engineer who leads a happy life along with his family. One fine day he meets Nandini (Sonal Chauhan),daughter of police commissioner Sarat Chandra (Sayaji Shinde), and falls in love with her. Puppy(Vikramjeet Virk) is a local villain who comes up with a huge proposal to Sarat Chandra with the context of marrying Nandini.

In the meantime, Gautham fixes a secret deal with Sarat Chandra and starts on a mission to kill Puppy and the rest of his dreaded gang.Twist in the tale arises when it is revealed that Gautham has a strong reason behind his secret deal and has a personal motive behind his mission. What is the real reason behind Gautham’s personal motive and his secret mission ? Watch the film on big screen to know the answers for these questions.

Positive Points :

Kalyan Ram has shouldered the film with his energetic and power-packed performance. He is impressive during the action episodes and emotional scenes. Sonal Chauhan looked her part and her glamour quotient is an added advantage to the film.

The pre climax of the film has been executed in a decent way. This is where the film proceeds at a good pace with interesting narration. The first half of the film has some decent entertainment.

Scenes featuring Brahmanandam and Kalyan Ram have come out well. Thagubothu Ramesh entertains the audience with his funny antics. MS Narayana’s ‘Lungi Baba’ episode brings some laughs for the audience.

Negative Points :

The outdated storyline is a big liability for this action entertainer. These type of commercial pot-boilers have been dealt many times by our film-makers. The predictable narration doesn’t make things interesting.

Apart from Kalyan Ram, there are no earth-shattering performances from any of the remaining artists to take the film to the next level. The second half of the film is a big let down. Apart from the pre-climax episode, none of the scenes in the second half create any interest for the viewers.

The film also lacks the emotional depth to connect with the family audience. Many important characters have been under utilized and go as a waste.

Technical Departments :

The story of the film is quite stale and the narration is predictable. A better screen play could have made things different. Mallikharjun’s direction is below par. A couple of songs looked decent on screen and the background score is OK.

Dialogues penned by Diamond Ratnam are impressive and Sarvesh Murari did a stupendous job with his camera. Editing could have been better. Action episodes are top notch and the production values are adequate.

Final Verdict :

Overall, Sher is just a commercial pot-boiler which has been poorly executed. Kalyan Ram’s energetic performance and the entertaining elements are the only assets to the film. The run-of-the mill story and the predictable narration makes it a monotonous action drama.

T360 Rating : 2.25/5

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