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Telugu Industrialists with accounts in tax-havens


Bahamas Leaks Telugu

New revelations published today by ICIJ (The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – Panama Papers fame)  reveal fresh information about offshore companies in the Bahamas. Bahamas is the Caribbean tax haven whose secrecy and tax structures have attracted multinational companies and criminals alike.The leaked Bahamian files reveal details of the offshore activities of prime ministers, ministers and Entrepreneurs across the world.

Telugu360 has scanned these archived Secrets papers to reveal  information about few industrialists who belong to two telugu states. At-least 10 companies that have addresses registered in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh are mentioned in offshore secrets papers. The names include some high profile politicians and industrialists from Hyderabad.


Gaddam Vivekanand, Saroja Vivekanad Gaddam , Penaka Venkata Ramprasad Reddy, Trivikrama Prasad Pinnamaneni, Teja Raju Byrraju , Grandhi Eswara Rao , Anand Reddy Mareddy Gangi Reddy , Damoder Reddy, Ashok Devineni , Khalil Ahmed Shaikh, Ashwin Devineni and Nimmagadda Prasad

  • Gaddam Vivekanand is Ex-Congress MP from Peddhappalli, recently has joined Ruling TRS party
  • P.V.Ramprasad Reddy is co-founder of Aurobindo Pharma
  • Teja Raju Byrraju is s/o of Mr. B.Ramalinga Raju (popularly known as satyam Raju)
  • Grandhi Eswara Rao is Chairman and MD of Sarita Steels and Industries
  • Trivikrama Prasad Pinnamaneni is Managing Director Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd
  • Ashok Devineni was Manager Managing Director Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd from 1999 to 2009
  • Nimmagadda Prasad is reknown industrialist from Hyderabad


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