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Thank You Movie Review – No Thanks

Thank You Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating : 2.25/5

Story : Abhiram ( Naga Chaitanya) is a self-centered individual who achieves big in the corporate field after going through difficult phases in the early stages of his life. After achieving his dream, Abhi turns out to be an ego-centric and workaholic person who is impervious to the feelings of others. In his journey, he comes across Priya ( Rashi Khanna) who supports him financially and becomes a part of his succesful life. But, his self-seeking attitude distances him from his near and dear ones. One such emotional incident makes him realise the importance of expressing gratitude to all those who knowingly or unknowingly helped him during his hard times. So, he takes up a tour to express gratitude to all those who stood by him during his tough times. Rest of the story is how Abhiram goes back to his former self and meets all his friends and enemies who were a part of his journey.


From the day ‘Thank You’ went on floors, there is relatively a low buzz in the audience and the trade circles for various reasons. Director Vikram Kumar didn’t bag a big hit in recent times. Also, the trailers and teasers of Thank You are filled with too much of classy and emotional content. There are no mass or appealing elements in the promotional content. SS Thaman’s music score is a big let down. So, due to all these factors, the  expectations are quite less on the film.

As expected, Vikram Kumar came up with an emotional journey which chronicles different stages of Abhiram played by Naga Chaitanya who does a great deal of heavy-lifting by putting up a strong and vigorous peformance. He brings much gravitas to his role with earnest performance. However, that is not sufficient to save this rudderless drama with no proper mission. Heroes going on a thorough soul-searching introspection and correcting themselves is a theme which has been overused numerous times in Telugu cinema. And, Thank You once again takes up the same routine template. Only a few moments in the first half an hour are worth watching while the rest of the film is nothing but a thorough disappointment and difficult the sit through its entirety.

Rashi Khanna gets an emotional role and leans into it very well. Malavika Nair also looks cute and adorable in her role. The visuals captured by PC Sreeram are so heartwarming. SS Thaman did a so-so job with his BGM score. The underwhelming narration takes the wind out of the sail and makes this ride a routine one.

Positives :

Naga Chaitanya’s performance.

Endearing moments in the first half.

PC Sreeram’s heartwarming visuals

Emotional scenes involving the Chay – Rashi in climax

Negatives :

Lackluster narration

Routine Story

Aimless Second half

Lack of entertainment value


‘ Thank You’ is a rudderless attempt which aims to be an emotional drama but ultimately fails due to incoherent writing and monotonous narration.  Naga Chaitanya’s earnest performance and PC Sreeram’s work are the only saving grace.

Telugu360 Rating : 2.25/5 



Release Date : 22-07-2022
Direction : Vikram Kumar
Production : Dil Raju and Sirish under Sri Venkateswara Creations.
Casting : Naga Chaitanya, Raashi Khanna, Malavika Nair, Avika Gor and Sai Sushanth Reddy.

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