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Bigg boss contestant’s Horrible Casting Couch Experience, Netizens Target Balayya


Renowned actress and Bigg Boss Tamil 7 contestant, Vichithra, has recently earned applause for her candid disclosure during the reality show. In a recent episode, participants were asked to share pivotal moments from their lives. Vichithra seized the opportunity to disclose a deeply personal and traumatic experience that ultimately led her to leave the Telugu film industry two decades ago.

Disgusting behaviour of Senior Hero:

Vichithra, revered for her work in Tamil and Malayalam cinema, spoke about a harrowing casting couch encounter during the shoot of a Telugu film. This incident, she revealed, compelled her to quit the silver screen. Recounting the unsettling event, she described attending a party where a prominent actor, instead of inquiring about her name, invited her to his room later that night. “The shock was overwhelming. I couldn’t fathom the nature of the gesture. That night, I retreated to my room, perplexed. From the following day onward, I encountered numerous challenges during the shoot,” Vichithra shared. She recounted how the men associated with the film would often booze heavily and created disturbances outside her door.

Horrible incidents during the shoot of Telugu movie

Determined to endure, she took precautions, instructing hotel staff not to connect calls to her room. Vichithra credited her now-husband, the general manager of the hotel where she was staying, for helping her navigate through this distressing episode. His team covertly changed her room daily to ensure her safety, unbeknownst to the harassers. Reflecting on another distressing incident during a forest scene shoot, she revealed experiencing inappropriate touching. Her attempt to address the issue with the crew met with silence until a stunt master intervened.

Netizens target Balayya:

While Vichithra chose not to disclose the actor’s identity, speculation arose among fans on social media, particularly Twitter. She acted only couple of movies in Telugu like Pokiri Raja starting Venkatesh in 1995 and Bhale Vadivi Basu of Bala Krishna in 2001. Many believe that the traumatic incident unfolded during the filming of ‘Bhalevadivi Basu’ in 2001, featuring Nandamuri Bala krishna, in the lead role. Netizens pointed to the film’s release date aligning with Vichithra’s timeline and the distinctive forest backdrop she mentioned.

Vichithra’s revelation sheds light on the dark corners of the film industry, emphasizing the importance of creating a safe environment for all artists. Her courage in sharing this experience serves as a catalyst for conversations about addressing such issues within the entertainment world, fostering a culture of respect and accountability.

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Tamil actress’ sensational comments on Casting Couch Experience


Tamil actress Vichithra who has been a part of Bigg Boss made sensational allegations about her casting couch experience. She worked for a Telugu film in 2001 and the actress admitted that it turned out to be the last film unfortunately. Here is her experience in the words of Vichithra:

“I was shooting for a Telugu film in 2001 and was kept in a 3-star hotel. In an evening party, I met the lead actor of the film and he directly invited me to his room even without asking my name. I was left in shock but did not turn out. I faced lot of problems during the shoot and it was a nightmare for me. I decided not to do films. After I reported an incident on the sets, the stunt master slapped me. I initiated legal action after that” told Vichithra.

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