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YCP Govt bids good bye to online sale of sand


The Jaganmohan Reddy Government in Andhra Pradesh has brought many changes to its sand policy from time to time in the last 17 months. In its latest policy change, the Government has said goodbye to the online procurement of sand by individual consumers. From now on, the general public would have to buy all sand offline.

The Government says that the new policy will make it easier and better for the people to get sand. The needy people can directly visit the sand reaches in the rivers. They can check the quality of sand, select it and make the purchases accordingly. They would have to procure the sand from the agencies which would be allotted the sand reaches.

The Jagan Reddy regime has begun a process to select Central Government agencies or departments to do sand mining in the State. If those firms do not come forward, the State Government itself would give sand mining tenders to the local firms which have the technology and resources to do the same.

The AP Government has also decided to permit individuals to transport the sand for their local needs in villages and towns. But, tokens would be given to them for doing the same.

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‘Declare all mandals as drought-hit’


In wake of the spate of suicides by farmers, YSR Congress has demanded the TDP Government to declare all mandals as drought hit and waiver agriculture loans in toto. ‘The deficit rainfall during the sowing season was 54 % and the late monsoon has scaled down the figure but the farmers are in distress and drought conditions are prevailing in the State,’ party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Friday.

Four more farmers have committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh yesterday and the drought conditions prevailing in the State are pushing them to many hardships. The State announcing that the deficit rainfall is only 6 % does not reflect the true picture as the figure was much higher during the sowing season.

‘Unless all mandals are declared as drought affected and loans are rescheduled agriculture will be in a bad shape in the State and we demand the government to waive all agriculture loans in one go to save farmers from the present distress,’ she said.

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AP Assembly adjourned – but the epic battle will go on…


Even though Andhra Pradesh assembly has been adjourned sine die and the government ensured passage of nine bills in a matter of two hours, the epic battle between YSR Congress leader Jaganmohan Reddy and chief minister Chandrababu Naidu remained inconclusive. It’s all set to spill over into the streets from next week with chief minister planning to launch counteroffensive against Jagan, while the latter is planning to range entire state against Naidu by sitting on fast unto death from third week of September.

The just concluded monsoon session was ruled by lungpower rather than informed debates on the agenda lying before the house. The entire state watched the ding-dong battle of TDP and YSRC. While the ruling party called the YSRC leader as Psycho and his as a parties of psychos, Jagan called TDP leader a goonda and TDP as a party of goondas. During the five-day session, the YSRCP tried to corner the ruling party by raising an issue a day and hijacked the house with adjournments and walkout.

All issues, whether it was pattiseema, capital Amaravati, price-rise, drought or the cash-for-vote- boiled down to Jagan vs Naidu fight. While Opposition attended the house with a sole objective of pinning down Naidu on one issue or the other, the treasury benches had worked hard to prick him with disproportionate assets cases in which Jagan was A.1. Jagan asked the CM to resign on moral grounds as he was the mastermind behind the cash-for-vote scam as per the CBI chargesheet, Naidu gave a retort by describing Jagan a Friday-man. ” You are attending court cases on every Friday.You have no moral right to question my integrity,” Naidu told Jagan. While the Opposition leader asked Naidu a pointed question to tell if the purported voice recorded in the conversation that took place between Stephen Sebastian, a nominated Telangana MLA and Naidu was not his.

But, the defense put up by treasury benches failed to match up the offensive launched by the Opposition party. Even though the TDP deployed leaders with lung-power such as – ministers Ravela Kishore Babu, Achhannaidu, chief whip Kalva Srinivasulu, MLA Dhulipalla Narendra, Palle Raghunatha Reddy they proved a mismatch with rival side represented RK Roja, G Srikanth Reddy, J Nehru, Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy etc.

While Jagan raised the current issues, the TDP tried to counter them with two-year old cases of Jagan less effectively. Ultimately as an opposition leader Jagan is proven successful in his floor strategy by grabbing headlines. Surprisingly, TDPs Naidu is also equally successful in implementing his floor strategy as he ultimately got all bills passed without any problem. After all, the session is always meant to get the house-nod to the bills the government wants to push through.

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BJP wants Pattiseema to be named after Chandrababu


Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday turned tables on YSRCP Congress by asking the party to state whether it would support the Pattiseema project or not. So far, YSRCP has been posing the irksome question to chief minister Naidu to tell the people whether he was supporting the special status of not.

Today, state assembly took up Pattiseema Project issue for the debate. As the opposition leader Jagan was away in Pulivendula to participate in death anniversary of YS Rasekhar Reddy, deputy leader J Nehru spoke on the subject. Elaborating on the benefits of Pattiseema project, being taken up on Godavari, Naidu said the project was meant to divert Krishna water to Rayalaseema, which is a drought prone area.
“We want transfer 80 TMC Godavari water to Krishna barrage. The water thus saved in Krishna will be transferred to Rayalaseema. Now tell if you are opposed to taking water to Rayalaseema which was the objective of Pattiseema, or not,” Naidu asked and wanted straight answer.

YSR Congress leader Jyothula Nehru found difficult to answer in clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ . He said his party was not opposed to linking of the rivers, but they were opposed to the way the project was being implemented. “We are opposed to the motive behind the construction of Pattiseema when Polavaram was to be taken up with more benefits. Pattiseema is not a irrigation project, but a money spinning project,” he said.

BJP floor leader, Vishnukumar Raju, who normally used to take critical stand against TDP on many issues, this time, became cheerleader of chief minister Naidu. He said as a civil engineer he knew more about Pattiseema than Nehru. ” It is amazing that the state government is able to finish the project in just eight months and one should appreciate the efforts of chief minister Naidu. Going an extra mile, he suggested to the house that the project should be named as “Chandranna Pattiseema scheme” to the cheers from the treasury benches.

Then Nehru described the BJP as the tail of TDP, which was objected to by Raju stating, BJP could cut tails of YSRCP if it wants. Chief minister also defended BJP stating that it was a national party and there was nothing wrong in Raju’s appreciation of TDP’s work.

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