TDP should do these 2 things if it wants to become fighting fit


What is the biggest problem dogging the TDP? It’s not lack of inspiring leadership or resources. The party’s support base has not shrunk. The party has a diehard and unflinching vote bank of its own. The only problem is the lack of young leaders at the grassroots level.

Those who work at the ground level say that the youth are now split between either the YSRCP or the Jana Sena. But the TDP, which once was synonymous with young leaders at the grassroots level, has leaders who are around 50 years of age on the grounds. This was the same problem that the Congress has suffered before YSR came in 1999. With YSR came youth and the result was the 2004 victory of YSR.

Till 2004, the TDP had young leaders. But now, the party has leaders who are fiftyish. Those who were in their 30s till 2004 are now close to 50 years. The party, according to political watchers, must address this question before 2024. The only place where the TDP is quite young is the social media. Most of its digital warriors are young. But the problem is most of them are either in Hyderabad or US or Bengaluru.

The party needs to recruit young workers in a big way. Similarly, young leaders must be promoted at all levels. Secondly, the political watchers say that the TDP must stop trying strengthen the Jana Sena indirectly. Due to this, several young leaders have joined Jana Sena. They feel that it is about time that the TDP should encourage young leaders at all levels.

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