Telangana politics now in “69” position!!!


The numbers, it appears, are dictating the course of Telangana politics. Numerology is the name of the game. That chief minister KCR has a fetish for his lucky number 6 is only too well-known. Everything he does or begins will have to have number 6 in it. Even his rallies and meetings are organised on dates, whose total would be six. KCR considers 6 his lucky number.

Even TPCC chief Revanth Reddy has a fetish for his lucky number. His lucky number is 9. Remember, he took over as the PCC chief on a date whole numerological value is 9. His first tour outside Hyderabad was on a date whose numerological value is 9. Thus, like KCR, he too is following numerology in everything he is organising and his lucky number 9 is becoming a determining factor in every event.

Now, KCR is planning a massive rally in Warangal on November 15. People believe this will see him making an electoral clarion call. The programme would be held on 15th, whose cumulative value is 6. Here too he has followed his lucky number fetish. Not to be undone, Revanth Reddy is planning a mega meet at Parade Grounds in Secunderabad on December 9. Here too, he is following the numerological instructions and 9 happens to be his lucky number.

Congress sources say that December 9 is AICC chief Sonia Gandhi’s birth date. Thus Sonia’s birth date and Revanth Reddy’s lucky number are the same. So, it’s doubly auspicious for Revanth Reddy, feel the Congress leaders.

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