US Premieres Top 10 Movies


Gone are the days when all the film fraternity used to wait for talk from mid night shows in Ceded and from Hyderabad.Now every one from the film industry – Heroes, Directors, Producers, waiting for the talk from USA premieres.From a trade perspective, Overseas market is right next to Nizam and has been on a secular growth trend from past few years. There is no surprise if in few years it crosses or will be on par with Nizam. Premieres are the main reason for manifold increase in overseas market

Also, the collections that are reported for premieres are now becoming a benchmark and a matter of pride for heroes. All the top stars are very curious on how the movie did in USA and are trying multiple ways to increase overseas market. There are some heroes and directors whose primary focus is overseas market.

US Premieres Top 10:  

  • Bahubali is way up the charts and is double the second highest Sardar Gabbar Singh. It might be a few years until we can see a movie not named ‘Bahubali’ at the top.
  • Mahesh Babu is at the top of the list with three movies in top 10 and NTR and Pawan Kalyan follow the suit with two movies each.
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