Tensions between Amaravati farmers and poor workers


The agricultural workers and poor families are under lot of pressure from YCP Circar to accept house sites in place of houses in Amaravati Capital area. However, they are hesitating to give signed agreements for the same. The reason is that the government has proposed to give them house sites in the lands that were acquired from the farmers to build world class Capital City. The laborers are afraid that they will face confrontation from the farmers if they accept the sites offered by the YCP government.

Already, the Amaravati farmers are agitating along with their families in all 29 Capital villages for over two months. The tensions are very high. Normal life is paralyzed. Farmers are swearing to sacrifice their lives if their ancestral lands are converted into house sites instead of developing Amaravati Capital. At such a time, the poor workers’ families are caught between the government and the agitators.

The poor beneficiaries are asking the government to give them houses already built by the previous circar under Housing for All scheme. But there’s no positive response.

Meanwhile, farmers are suspecting it as a cheap trick of the government to divide Capital City residents by causing clashes between them and poor beneficiaries.

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