The Challenges for Filmmakers after Lockdown


The country is under strict lockdown for two months and the services are slowly resuming. It will take a couple of months more to get back things to a complete normal shape. The film industry is the one which is shut first and would reopen last. There is no update about the re-opening of theatres as of now but there are discussions about resuming the shoots as the filmmakers are in a financial crunch. Here are some of the challenges film directors and producers would face post coronavirus lockdown:

Special Guidelines: The entire cast, crew members should follow social distancing on the sets which is a tough task. Working with limited crew members is impossible. Everyone should be present with face masks and they should use sanitizers. All the government issued guidelines should be strictly followed.

Locations: It is completely impossible to shoot the films in real locations for some more months. The directors come up with a vision and they require a natural location for an episode which is now not possible. Most of the shoots should happen indoors which will not match the real locations.

Budgets: The makers will have to spend crores to erect the sets. Thermal scanners, face masks, sanitizers and other preventive measures would heap up the budgets.

Dates of actors: With all the film shoots starting at one go, several busy character artists would find it tough to allocate the dates for their committed films. It is quite tough for them to juggle between the sets. The directors too will find it difficult to match the dates of all the actors as per the combination on the sets for the day.

Making everyone comfortable: Right from the director to the lead actors, technicians and other artists, everyone should be comfortable on the sets during this scary atmosphere. An unexpected incident will leave the cast, crew in a panic.

Slow paced work: It is very difficult to can all the episodes as per the plan in this tough time. The work goes on a slow pace and the number of working days would be increased. Managing and convincing the actors is the toughest task.

Business deals: The distributors and exhibitors will not be offering big prices for theatrical rights. This is sure a burden for the producers. Things will change once the audience returns back to theatres like in the past.

Holiday Rush: Several filmmakers will wait till the holiday season to arrive to release their projects. There would be a mad rush during the festival season

Tough days for small films: The audience will not be excited to watch small movies in theatres for some time. Unless a small film receives unanimous positive talk, the audience will not prefer to watch them in theatres.

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