Timesnow opinion Poll became laughing stock in AP


As elections approaching fast, several agencies started conducting opinion polls across the country elections for 2019 elections. Recently times now did similar survey and telecast the results of the survey yesterday.

TimesNow survey for 2019 elections:

Month of survey Sample size MP seats for Congress MP seats for BJP
Aug 2018 12,879 78 227
Results for AP 3 seats in AP 7 seats in AP

Timesnow reported, as per this survey, BJP projected to win 227 seats in Lok Sabha 2019 polls, while Congress will win only 78 seats. In 2014 BJP got 282 seats while Congress got only 44 seats. So, as per this survey, BJP will get lesser seats this time, i.e. 227 compared to 282 in 2014. While people in general, don’t have much issue with this total numbers, the numbers given by Timesnow for AP became laughing stock and people of Andhra Pradesh are rubbishing this survey as completely baseless. As per this Survey, in Andhra Pradesh, BJP is expected to win 7 MP seats in 2019. In 2014 it got only 2 MP seats (Vizag and Narasapuram). It means, in 2019 BJP strength will be up by 5 seats from 2014 polls. As per same survey, the Congress will get 3 MP seats in 2019. In 2014, Congress had failed to open its account in Andhra Pradesh. Survey also predicted, others would win 15 seats in the state. Total Lok Sabha seats are 25 in Andhra Pradesh.

However, the numbers predicted for Andhra Pradesh seemed to have been either cooked up or survey is done completely inaccurately as far as AP is concerned. As per the ground reports, neither Congress nor BJP has strength to win single seat in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Maybe they can win couple of seats if they ally with some strong party in the state. If somebody says, BJP will win 7 seats, AP people may say, ‘yeah, it’s good joke”. It is claimed that, this survey has been conducted by a political research and communication agency called War Room strategies and Utopia consulting and the survey has been conducted over the last three weeks and covered 12,879 respondents across 156 parliamentary constituencies, located in 25 states. They didn’t reveal details about sample they considered in AP.

Timesnow earlier survey reports are as below (for 2014 elections)

Month of survey Sample size MP seats for UPA MP seats for NDA
Jul 2013 36,914 134 (INC 119) 156 (BJP 131)
Oct 2013 24,284 117 (INC 102) 186 (BJP 162)
Feb 2014 14,000 101 (INC 89) 227 (BJP 202)
Final result 60 (INC 44) 336 (BJP 282)

Anyway many such surveys going to come up this election year. But any survey predicting seats for BJP and Congress would be either seen with doubt by AP people or becomes laughing stock for AP people.

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