TV9 competes with Sakshi to praise Jagan policies


Number 1 Telugu news channel, TV9, is transforming into a non-aggressive, biased media after the change of management. This is happening along expected lines as the channel slipped into the hands of real estate giant and top contractors lobby which is friendly to CM Jaganmohan Reddy. Especially, TV9 is heaping lots of excessive praise on YCP Circar and struggling very hard to project Jagan Reddy’s extremely controversial policies in a much positive light. In the process, the channel is becoming a laughing stock and especially it is getting very bad image in social media.

Many past admirers are now calling TV9 as Sakshi-2 and part of Jagan Media dedicated to praising YCP programmes endlessly. In the good old days, Ex CEO Ravi Prakash took all the care to balance its controversial news coverage. No political party owned it up. Sometimes, YCP used to call it a pro-TDP channel and vice versa. RP used to criticize and attack all parties in an issue-based manner. His only target was TRP ratings. Accordingly, the channel flourished equally well. The present management has totally changed TV9 coverage. The channel eventually became the voice of Jagan Regime rather than the voice of the people.

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