Vijay Deverakonda slipper shot to a gossip portal


Young actor Vijay Devarakonda took his time, pooled up funds and donated Rs 25 lakhs for ‘Middle Class Fund’ through which he targeted to reach out 2000 families to help them with basic essentials in this coronavirus crisis. Soon, donations poured in and the total fund reached Rs 70 lakhs. With thousands of requests, Vijay Devarakonda’s team stopped accepting the requests and started helping the needy who already applied to receive help. It is during this time, a gossip portal that is known for its mudslinging stepped out with a heap of negative articles against the actor.

The actor lost his patience and released a video today explaining the efforts that his team kept to reach out to the people who are in need and how they reached to the corners of the Telugu states. Vijay Devarakonda said that he is proud to help 7500 families which are mentioned as 7500 people by the website. “Who are you to question about my donation? This is hard-earned money and I would love to donate as per my wish and comfort. Your websites are living on our ads and on the film industry. After I rejected giving an interview couple of days ago, the negative wave of articles started” said Vijay Devarakonda for the articles published on the gossip portal.

He also shared the screenshots of the articles on the screen and he addressed each and every line from the article. He urged people not to believe in this crap and approach genuine platforms that are credible and who work with ethics. Vijay Devarakonda challenged if the gossip portals could donate and help the people who are in need. Vijay Devarakonda also said that several actors like him are suffering for this negativity which turned out to be the daily routine for the gossip portals.

Finally, Vijay Devarakonda shared the glimpses of all those who showered their love after receiving the help from ‘The Devarakonda Foundation’ during this crisis time. He also shared some of the screenshots of all those who donated their part for his foundation.

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