What Kind Of Swathimuthyam Ganesh Is?


The word Swathimuthyam is used in two different situations. The actual meaning of Swathimuthyam is a pure soul. But we in colloquial language sarcastically use this term. If someone is dumb, he is referred to as Swathimuthyam. This entire discussion is about young hero Ganesh’s first movie Swathimuthyam.

The clarity regarding Ganesh’s character came through promos of the movie. He’s an innocent soul, though he’s not smart enough to tackle hard situations. There is a sequence in the trailer, where Varsha Bollamma calls him a Swathimuthyam. There is sarcasm in her words and this indicates his character in the movie.

Ganesh’s innocence brings enough laughs in the movie which was evident in the trailer.

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