Who is the barking dog, Mr Nagababu?


Days after actor Nandamuri Balakrishna fumed at the Telugu film industry for not inviting him to the meetings recently held with Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao and Telangana minister for cinematography Talasani Srinivas, Chiranjeevi’s actor brother Nagababu seems to be in no mood to bury the hatchet.

On Saturday, he made some unsavoury statements on his Twitter handle. Without naming anyone in particular, Nagababu tweeted, “Public health warning.It is dangerous to deal with mad dogs.either you put them in confinement or euthanize it.but never ignore it. it cost our life. it is mad dogs season.”

Balakrishna recently expressed his displeasure for keeping him in the dark about the Telugu film industry meeting’s with Talasani at Chiranjeevi’s residence. The meeting was attended by producers and actors from the Telugu film industry including Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Rajamouli, Allu Arvind, Trivikram Srinivas, Dil Raju, Suresh Babu, Koratla Shiva, N Shankar. The same actors and producers also attended another meeting with Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao coordinated by Talasani. Balakrishna was left out of both the meetings. “I was not invited to even a single meeting. Was the meeting held to discuss real estate dealings? Am I not part of the film industry. This is because there are several differences in the film industry,” Balakrishna fumed. Balakrishna acted in more than 100 films his film career spanning 40 years. His reaction was natural and just.

However, Nagababu in a video said Balakrishna’s comments was not just an insult to the film personalities but also to the Telangana government. “Balakrishna should control his tongue,” Naga Babu advised in the video he had put out.

On Saturday, he tweeted, “Public health warning.It is dangerous to deal with mad dogs.either you put them in confinement or euthanize it.but never ignore it. it cost our life. it is mad dogs season.” He also posted the image of a dog in his Twitter handle, unbecoming of an actor and brother of Chiranjeevi.

Now, that begs one to ask – Nagababu who is the barking dog? Who should control his tongue?

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  1. Kukka, nakka comments nagababu not correct. Show some dignity. Your brother chiranjevvi never in his life made such comments. Even kalyan babu exercises restraint. You should at least learn from your brothers

  2. This idiot is enough to defame the mega brothers….. i dont know what he has acheived in his life….but he just give statements as an biggest achiever in life.

  3. వీడిని ఎక్కడన్నా చూపించంద్ర బాబో. అంత మంది ఉన్నారు జరా పట్టించుకోండి. .చిరు ఇంతేనా తమ్ముడిని కంట్రోల్ చెయ్యలేని వాడివి నీకు పెద్దరికం ఎందుకు.

  4. Go and see his twitter account. CheckYCheck the comments and you will know who is barking.
    Where were you when Balakrishna made comments on Chiranjeevi and pawan kalyan.

  5. He is fit for nothing. He is feeling himself as immense personality and his comments are meaningless and have no value. He is commenting on TDP about its future. First you think about Janasena party future and see whether your brother will become MLA in his life time then you comment on other political parties till then you please shut your bleady mouth.

  6. If he has courage nagababu should name the barking dog. Why is he barking from his dark room via Twitter. He knows he will face defamation case. All he does is open his gaping mouth laughing in jabardast show without any reason. He has no single big hit to his credit. He rode on the back of Chiranjeevi’s shoulders. I respect chiranjeevi because he never made such remarks even against rajasekhar who openly criticized the megastar. Shame nagababu. What a fall.

  7. Why was nagababu silent on Ram charan wife upasana kamineni’s tweet to prime minister modi when her husband and her father in law were not invited by pm for a meet in 2019. In her tweet, she wrote, ‘PM earest @narendramodi ji. We in the South of INDIA admire you & are Proud to have you as our Prime Minister. With all due respect, we felt that the representation of Leading personalities & cultural icons was limited only to Hindi Artists and The South Film Industry was neglected. I express my feelings with pain & hope it’s taken in the right spirit. Jai Hind (sic)”.
    Upasana who has no direct connection to film indusrty, who never produced, directed or acted in movies can comment about pm not inviting telugu film industry (read charan and chiranjeevi), balayya who acted in more than 100 films as a hero cannot express his outrage for not being invited to the film industry to which he was associated for 40 years. Nagababu explain this

    • Why will he explain. Antha na istham, nagababu will sing. But you are right when you pointed about upasana madams tweet to pm. If upasana can express her displeasure to pm for ignoring south film industry, why can’t balayya express his anger? By the way, nagababu is not telugu film industry to bark whatever he is barking. Whether it is yellow, pink or blue, nagababu should know that it is wrong to call anyone kukka. Nagababu is lowering Chiranjeevis stature. Shame

  8. 😆🤣 yellow media antha attudukipothundhi… Nagababu garu meru great sir…Meru great anthe…
    Manchithanam ki velli mee brothers iddaru cheyaleni konni panulu meru chesthunaru… dikki “Bala”si kottukune vallaki mukyam ga yellow media ah gulte gadu n Telugu360 ki ekkado kaale la chesaru meru great nagababu garu

  9. 38 years charithra unna tdp ni 1 year lo political party ni ammesina vaadu comment chesadu….lite teesukondi….comedy shows levu ani publicity kosam tryinggggg……

    • That is ok if someone realised that they are not cut out for politics. Chiru fans got disappointed after prp was merged with Congress. But why is nagababu talking as if he the chief minister of telangana? Nagababu is a loose cannon. I said canon not canine. A flop show, a disgrace to his brother chiranjeevi

  10. Dirty mega basterds u dirty dogs ur nothing with out cbn Garu He never did any harm to u when he was in power but u basterds showed ur true colours U cheap basterds u dirty beggers can’t even win in single place u contested but u feel ur gods u bloody caste fuckers u and ur cheap caste ass holes

  11. Dog ane vade pic petkunadu kadha, inkka 2dogs ni add chesoni pettkunte complete family pic avtundi ga.
    Kulla gajji family and followers.
    Chi mee batkuu…

    • Everybody is entitled to do bhajana just as you are. Naga should stop hissing.thr jabardast flop guy should look at his own backyard before hurling abuses against others. First ask him to learn decency lessons from. Chiru, at least he fakes decency in public domain

  12. కమ్మ కుల దైవం బాలయ్యని అనటానికి ఎంత ధైర్యం ….ఇన్ని రోజులు పిచ్చి కుక్క లాగా ఎంతో మందిని కరిచాడు …కూతురు కంటే చిన్న వయసు పిల్లలమీద నీచమైన కామెంట్స్ చేశాడు …ఎప్పుడూ లేని నొప్పి ఇప్పుడు ఎందుకు వచ్చింది ….కనీసం చింపాంజీ వాళ్ళ పేరు కూడా పలకలేదు కదా ……ఇప్పుడు మీరు రాష్ట్రాన్ని ముంచారు రియల్ వ్యాపారం చేశారు అంటున్నారు కదా మరి వాడు అధికారంలో వున్నంత వరకు భజన చేశారు కాదా …. ఎన్నికల్లో కూడా లోపాయికారీ వొప్పండం చేసుకున్నారు కదా ….ఎప్పుడూ ఏమయ్యింది బుద్ధి అన్న తమ్ములకు


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