Who will be the face to question Tollywood Actors?


The Active Producers Guild met recently and decided to halt the film shoots from August 1st till their problems get resolved. The biggest challenge for the producers is the heaped-up remunerations of the star actors. The producers in a hurry and they formed committees to resolve various issues that are faced by the filmmakers. But the biggest puzzle here is that who will take the initiative to meet the Tollywood actors to discuss about slashing down their fat paycheques. Almost all the top and young actors of Tollywood have hiked their fees post-pandemic and this turned out to be a new stress for the producers.

This is the biggest trouble for every producer who is actively producing big-budget films. With the theatrical market shrinking, the producers are tasting huge losses. Though the producers of the Guild met recently, there was no discussion about who will turn the face of the Guild and start talks with the actors. Most of the producers have expressed about the high remunerations during the recent meeting but none of them stepped forward to lead the team of the Active Producers Guild.

Tollywood actors are tight-lipped for now and are watching the developments. Someone should take the lead soon and start discussions with the actors. The other issues are quite easy to get resolved if the actors are ready to slash down their remunerations.

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  1. No body needs. To ask. Hero’s. They have to talk and reduce. Their renumeration by 50%. ANR , ntr. At that time. Sealed. Their renumeration to 50,000 for them accordingly all other hero’s adjusted. Mega. Boss should. Talk to the hero’s. And suggest that every body in the field who are demanding. High should slash by 50%.
    Then budget will come to control . Later directors. &. Producers. Should. Stop spending. Lavishly. For anything. And. Should not entertain Bombay heroins and don’t entertain their. Staff and. Pets. Producers. Should get good. Houses. And keep. Ladies in one. And gents in other. And. No luxury apartments. Or. Star. Hotels. Then will come into total control


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