Why Bharadwaj said Chiranjeevi was misfit for politics?


Film director Thammareddy Bharadwaj finally clarified why he was saying from the beginning that Chiranjeevi wouldn’t be suitable for politics. He says that he knows Chiranjeevi from close range since he entered the film industry and they worked together in a couple of films initially. Chiranjeevi was always a hard worker who gives his best as far as acting is concerned. Beyond that, Chiranjeevi wouldn’t venture to experiment and he would usually depend on others.

Bharadwaja says that he had an idea Chiranjeevi wouldn’t be able to make decisions for himself in the political arena too just like in the film industry. This was why he said Chiranjeevi wouldn’t be able to adjust in the highly demanding and competitive political field. Bharadwaja feels upset only about one thing that many fans misunderstood his comments about Chiranjeevi. He clarified that his remarks would do no harm to Chiranjeevi as he had already reached star status no matter what harm politics has done to him.

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