Why Sakshi & other media published fake news about Bigg Boss Deepthi?


Sakshi published in its online portal yesterday a news about Deepthi Nallamothu. It reported Bigg boss is evicting her from the house before finale. Obviously, it is fake news and now people are discussing why Sakshi published such fake news.

Deepthi entered finale and she is one among top 5 contestants. As per social media trends, she is currently at top 2 position and giving tough competition to competition to Kaushal. As per social media trends, competition will be between Deepthi and Kaushal only. Telugu360 earlier predicted she will be emerging as favorite for many (Click here for : Deepthi nallamothu emerging favourite contestant for Kaushal anti-fans).

Then suddenly Sakshi and some other online portals started giving misleading information that Bigg boss is evicting her from the house during mid week. Obviously, it is fake news as she didn’t evict in latest episode and Bigg boss wished her all the best for Finale too. But by seeing this article from reputed media house, many youtube channels propagated the same news and it spread quickly. People who were voting for Deepthi got confused for almost one day. It seems this news is published with an intention of helping Kaushal.

Whether Sakshi itself did it to help Kaushal despite knowing it is fake news or Sakshi got misleading information from some one in Bigg boss team is not clear at the moment. But in either case, either someone in Sakshi or someone in Bigg boss team created this “fabricated” news to help Kaushal.

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