YCP frustrated: Vijay Sai utters unutterable words on Naidu


The game on the AP panchayat election turned uglier after SEC Ramesh Kumar issued the poll notification. From the Ministers to the Speaker to the employees’ leaders, everybody targetted the SEC and Chandrababu Naidu. But, MP Vijay Sai Reddy stood apart from all the rest with his unique style of using unparalleled abusive and offensive language.

Today, Vijay Sai increased his dose some more and uttered unutterable words against Naidu. He went to the extent of using ‘spitting’ and ‘disrobing’ in his rush to attract readers’ attention to his words. The MP said without hesitation that Naidu was still playing games even though the people had ‘disrobed’ his party naked in the last election.

Meanwhile, SEC Ramesh Kumar further irritated the ruling party by writing an open letter to the DGP. The SEC sought action against Government Employees Association leader Venkatarami Reddy for threatening to kill him. Venkatarami Reddy has threatened to cause life threat to those who signed the orders to conduct the polls.

The SEC had told the DGP to put a close surveillance on Venkatarami Reddy considering his threatening statements.

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