6 months on, Sharmila is already a spent-force


She claimed that she would usher in the Rajanna Rajyam in Telangana. But, months into her campaign, YS Sharmila is already reduced to a joke. The people are cracking jokes on her bombastic claims and her loud-mouth comments. There is a general complaint that her political activities are not inspiring any confidence in the people. Social media is trolling her to no end.

It has been six months since she started her party, the YSRTP. But, within six months, the fizz is gone and the pep is missing in the party. The confidence levels too have come down. The crowds that bustled outside the party office have simply vanished. The issues she is seeking to raise are finding a resonance with the people of Telangana at large. There are no joinings in the party these days.

Moreover, she is finding it difficult to answer questions about her inactivity during the Telangana movement. She is being asked as to what she did while the youth of Telangana were spearheading movements. She is not only evasive replies, but is also feeling uncomfortable tackling the media.

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