Bigg boss: Avinash is the new captain of the house


In Bigg boss 4, one contestant who entertained the audience from day one and has a steady graph is Avinash. He became captain of the house for the first time. 

Avinash Vs Ariyana for captaincy task:

During the monsters and humans task, both Avinash and Ariyana were part of the same team. After finishing the monsters task, except Ariyana, all the monsters were converted to humans. When Bigg boss asked the captain Noel to name two best performers during the task, he named Avinash and Ariyana. So both of them became the contenders for captaincy.

The task:

As part of the captaincy task, Avinash and Ariyana were given two carts. They have to transport the housemates to the stations allotted to them. Whoever have transported more people will be the winner. However, the catch is that, housemates may choose whose career they want to enter. This means the contestant who has more acceptance of others has more chances of winning the task.

Avinash wins:

Initially it was a tie between both of them. But finally Avinash emerged as winner. House was divided into two with half of them supporting Avinash and the other half supporting Ariyana. There were discussions about whom to support. Housemates like Amma opined that entertaining person like Avinash can keep  the house happy as Captain.

Ariyana loses but got appreciation:

Ariyana list the captaincy to Avinash. But during the game, housemates like Abhijit told her that they were ready to support her g if she can give an assurance that they we will be exempted from all the domestic work for next week by her (if she becomes captain). But Ariyana refused to do so and told she is ok to forego the captaincy but not agree to show bias on someone after becoming captain. This stand of her got appreciation from the audience though she lost the task.

New rules by Captain Avinash:

After becoming captain, Avinash set some new rules to the housemates to ensure then they follow all the rules of the house. Even though the punishments set by Avinash look funny, they ensure the housemates adhere to the rules. These new punishments set by Avinash surprised the house.

We have to wait and see how will be the captaincy of Avinash. 

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