Bigg boss day15: Punarnavi’s negative shade during Nominations

Bigg boss day 15 episode was full of altercations and fights. The Monday nomination process of Bigg boss turned controversial after Punarnavi refused to nominate anyone so that enter house gets nominated. 
Even though there were lots of arguments and altercations, it was Tamanna and Punarnavi who exposed their negative shades so badly in this episode. These two are the contestants that got more nominations from other housemates for next eviction. Following this, they both burst and displayed their negative mindset. Tamanna who entered as wild card was not allowed to be nominated in the first week. She has been provoking contestants like Ravi Krishna and Ali Reza since beginning. She has been verbally abusing the housemates in the name of the game. But other housemates are not arguing with her as they are fearing arguing with transgender may put them in bad light.
Punarnavi’s “I am Ok, you are not Ok” attitude:
Punarnavi , who entertained Telugu audience with her cute to performance in Uyyala Jampala movie, was not seen mingling with housemates except Varun Vitika couple and Rahul. Initially audience thought she was a bit inhibited to mingle with others. But in today’s episode, she exposed herself and displayed ” I am Ok, You are not Ok” attitude. She burst when she got nominated by four housemates and told Bigg boss that she is not going to nominate anyone. She very well knows that when Baba Bhaskar didn’t nominate anyone last week, Bigg boss threatened that entire house gets nominated if he doesn’t nominate anyone. When Bigg boss reminded the same rule to her, she told, she is OK to nominate entire house. 
Her attitude really shocked audience as well as housemates. Then Bigg boss told that, if she does so despite knowing the rules, she will get nominated throughout the season. She replied to Bigg boss that she is ok for that as well. But Varun Sandesh convinced her to nominate two persons. Bigg boss house will have contestants from diverse backgrounds and Punarnavi mingling only with Varun Sandesh and Vitika couple ( who are hero and heroines, coming from well off families) also has been a negative point on her in recent episodes. Moreover her remarks on Baba Bhaskar who is respected by all the housemates also portrayed her as arrogant personality. Despite all this remarks from her, Baba Bhaskar went to her and apologized her but she did not accept his apologies. 
After the nomination process is over, Vitika, Punarnavi , Rahul, Baba Bhaskar and Tamanna got nominated for next eviction. 

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