Bigg boss: Feedback on housemates for the first week


The episode started with Nagarjuna saying, ‘we will come to know who Kattappa is’. Later, men were seen swimming in the pool, and Monal, etc were talking and commenting about them. Meanwhile, it rained and all the housemates started dancing.

Characterizations getting established:

Gangavva shared her flashback and the hardships she faced in life. She was also seen saying whenever she wants to quit, she will inform Nagarjuna one week before and exit the house.

Amma Rajasekhar is slowly establishing himself as an entertainer. He tried to flirt with Divi yesterday and it backfired. Anchor Ariyana is trying to flirt with Amma Rajasekhar but he is retorting to her in a comedy way. He played a prank on Karate Kalyani today. He asked her to sing a song and as planned all the housemates started dispersing immediately after she started singing.

Abhijeet was seen showing some interest in Monal. He is one of the most eligible bachelors in the house.

Surya Kiran already established himself as an impatient person. He is behaving like a director who tries to correct others. Today also while selecting items based on a luxury budget, there was chaos and Surya Kiran got impatient by seeing the unplanned approach of housemates in selecting items.

Nagarjuna’s feedback on characterizations of housemates:

As it is Saturday, Nagarjuna joined the house and asked whether they made good ‘connections’ with the housemate they were asked to develop the connection. Later he gave feedback on the way they behaved in the last week.
Noel – Nagarjuna told he is overthinking about everything
Ariana – Nagarjuna asked her to calm down her temper
Akhil – Nagarjuna asked why he cried for small things and reminded he is the most desirable man and tears won’t suit him.
Monal – Nagarjuna gave her the tag line of the Narmada river for incessantly shedding tears in the house.
Lasya – Nagarjuna commented that it seems still something lacking from her side.
Mehboob – Nagarjuna told he is still passive in the house and it is high time he should show his talents to the audience.
Abhijeet – Nagarjuna told he needs to work on his anger issues
Divi – He praised her for the nice observations but told she needs to come out of her ‘own space’
Devi – Devi retaliated that she has been doing her level best and she is doing many things that she never did earlier
Surya Kiran – Nagarjuna gave him the feedback that he is behaving like a director rather than a contestant.
Karate Kalyani – Nagarjuna told that she is causing misunderstandings in the house and also reminded about her nagging
Gangavva – Nagarjuna told that she is going to stay here for many more weeks.


Abhijeet is the first housemate to get saved this season. Later Jordar Sujatha, got saved and she was over excited to know this. Gangavva also got saved this week. So, Surya Kiran, Divi, Mehboob, and Akhil are still in the danger zone.

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