Bigg Boss Telugu Day 14: Fun and Games, Shakeela’s Emotional Farewell


The Bigg Boss house was buzzing with laughter and camaraderie as the contestants embarked on a playful journey of imagination in the latest episode. With the Bahubali game taking center stage, the housemates had a blast as they cast each other in roles inspired by the epic film.

The Bahubali Game Unveiled:

In the entertaining Bahubali-themed game on Bigg Boss Telugu, Shobha Shetty led the way as contestants playfully assigned iconic roles. Adding humor to the game, Shobha labeled Prince as Bhallala Deva due to his physical prowess, while tagging Gowtham as Kattappa for his cunning task strategies.

Shakeela took a different route, amusingly tagging Prince as Kattappa, prompting laughter as she teased him about self-praise. Her choice for Bhallala Deva was Prashant, citing his consistent good nature and amusingly noting that both these strong contestants (Prashant and Prince) couldn’t handle the AC due to the cold.

Gowtham, in his playful style, cast Prince as Bhallala Deva due to his competitive spirit, with the Kattappa title assigned to Rathika for her stubbornness in tasks. Rathika continued the fun by labeling Gowtham as Bhallala Deva while tagging Teja as Kattappa for his strategic gameplay.

Teja’s choices named Shivaji as Bhallala Deva for his strategic skills, while playfully assigning Kattappa to Gowtham for interfering in others’ games. Shivaji playfully picked Prashant as Bhallala Deva for his strength, with Teja given the Kattappa title for meddling in others’ affairs.

Prashant playfully chose Teja as Kattappa and Shivaji as Bhallala Deva. Damini, with her keen eye, dubbed Sandeep as Bhallala Deva for his competitive spirit, hinting at fierce competition. She amusingly noted many Kattappas (backstabbers) in the house, keeping viewers entertained.

Sandeep’s choice caused a stir, labeling Shivaji as Kattappa for questioning his high-decibel game decision, hinting at a strategic perspective. He playfully tagged Shubhasree as Kattappa for allegedly stealing his Power Astra. Shubhasree playfully named Sandeep as Bhallala, while Teja received the Kattappa title.

Priyanka humorously tagged Sandeep as Bhallala for a tough task competition and playfully assigned Shivaji as Kattappa as a protector, not a backstabber. Prince, in his signature style, named Sandeep as Kattappa and Shivaji as Bhallala. Amar took a whimsical approach, assigning Kattappa to Gowtham and Bhallala to Sandeep, eliciting laughter from all.

Fun and Frolic Continues:

After the Bahubali game, the housemates continued to revel in the fun, engaging in various entertaining activities. A highlight of the evening was Teja’s energetic dance performances to the tunes of “Jai Balayya” and “Waltair Veerayya,” which received thunderous applause and cheers from the audience.
Shakeela’s Farewell:

Shakeela’s Eviction:

As the episode drew to a close, it was time for the eviction. Among the nominated contestants, Teja and Shakeela found themselves in the hot seat, and ultimately, Shakeela bid a heartfelt farewell to the house. Contrary to her previous image as an adult film star, Shakeela had been affectionately regarded as “Amma” (mother) by her fellow housemates. Her departure left the housemates emotional, and tears flowed as they bid her farewell.

Shakeela, true to her straightforward nature, offered her honest feedback on the housemates before exiting, ending her memorable journey in the Bigg Boss house.

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