Kaushal: Liked by his fans and hated by housemates (part-2)


We have seen in previous article why Kaushal is liked by his fans. We’ll see other side of the coin now.

Why most of the housemates hate him or dislike him?

Most of the housemates, at one point of time were completely against Kaushal. it was evident, when most of the housemates nominated Kaushal for eviction in one of the episodes. (https://www.telugu360.com/bigg-boss-tidbits-housemates-showed-their-anger-on-kaushal-during-nominations/). So, why most of the housemates dislike Kaushal. It would be naïve to say it is just because of jealousy on Kaushal.

Selfish nature

Liking someone is different from living with that person or even sharing accommodation with that person. If you are sharing accommodation with a person you expect a few things from him like adjusting mentality, accommodating behaviour and friendly nature. If a person is openly saying that he is there in the house not to make friendships or relations and his sole aim is to play the game (read it, to win the title), obviously it very offend other housemates.

Most housemates had issues with his behaviour

  • Tejaswi told (in an interview, after coming out of the house) Kaushal used to eat food in the house at night times after everybody slept. Remember there was a big fight related to food when Tejaswi starved because of lack of food while some other teammates were wasting food. (https://www.telugu360.com/kaushal-turns-aggressive-most-ferocious-episode-in-bigg-boss-2-telugu-till-date/)
  • Kiriti told (in an interview, after coming out of the house), Kaushal used to use’ ladies bathrooms’ when gents bathroom was busy. Remember, Samrat (as captain) pointed out ( without naming anyone directly) on this issue too and told “whoever using ladies bathroom, pls lift the commode seat – at least with your leg” in that same “ferocious episode”. It’s obvious that some lady housemates complained on this to captain.
  • Babu gogineni called Kaushal as the most dangerous candidate as he would do anything and everything to win the game.
  • Deepthi Sunaina was the first one to target Kaushal after he touched her during a task.
  • Deepthi, Roll Rida, and almost all the housemates have one incident or other with Kaushal like this.

Overall, is selfish nature, his over ambitious nature, too much of self-consciousness seems to be the reasons for housemates disliking him.

Why some audience also dislike Kaushal

Kaushal is kind of a person who is either loved are hated but can’t be ignored. Kaushal has fans as well as anti-fans. Some audience connected with him emotionally because he persisted when everyone else bullied him. His fans turned very sensitive and cannot take even slightest criticism on him and reacting strongly on anyone criticizing him.

Now apply the same logic. When housemates bullied Kaushal, audience connected to him and sympathized with him. Now Kaushal fans trolling anyone criticizing him, doing “dedicated” voting to evict the ones fighting with Kaushal in house. So, by the same logic, because of such strong reaction from Kaushal fans, others are polarizing against Kaushal and pointing out fallacies in his attitude and behaviour. They are also saying that this dedicated teamwork is spoiling the game – as everyone now knows whoever fights with Kaushal is getting evicted.(Click here for : Dedicated PRs spoiling sport for Bigg Boss show?)

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Overall it seems Kaushal is the luckiest person out of all the housemates in this season. Because, it is not easy for any on screen personality to strike an emotional connection with the audience. Sometimes it takes years to build such emotional connection. But Kaushal achieving it within 50 days is definitely no small feat and probably he is lucky enough too. But definitely, he is not “loved by all” type personality like Season-1 title winner Shiva Balaji.

We will have to wait and see whether Kaushal will really win the title. Of course, “Anything can happen in Bigg boss house”.

ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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  1. @ Critic Zuran… Though I don’t support Kaushal completely, I disagree with your stupid analysis. It appears that you seem to be writing this article just to oppose Kaushal completely by running a campaign sort of thing to tarnish his image. I believe there are more selfish people like Deepthi(TV9), Babu Gogineni and a clever cheater in Roll Ryda while playing the tasks. I reckon either Tanish or Kaushal would be the winner. As a critic running the articles, you better stop criticizing Kaushal alone and do constructive criticism.

  2. I too think Kaushal or Tanish will be winner.. but Babu Gogineni only saved Kaushal from Kireeti squeezing lemon into his eyes.. still Kaushal dont show minimum respect to Babu G


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