BJP spoiling main Opposition parties in Telugu States


As expected, the BJP leaders are making a beeline to Tirupati one by one. BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao visited Tirupati and raised a battle cry against CM Jaganmohan Reddy. More or less, GVL copies the 2019 election slogan of the YCP. His latest slogan is ‘Jagan Povali, BJP Ravali’ (Jagan must go, BJP shall come)
Interestingly, GVL mounted a scathing attack saying that an inefficient and ineffective regime was going on in Andhra Pradesh as of now. The voters of AP were eagerly waiting for a change. They would vote for change. That change would be possible only with the BJP leadership.
GVL asserted that day by day, the people’s trust in PM Modi’s leadership was rising by leaps and bounds. The AP people were also getting attracted towards the Modi Government’s policies. The PM had brought in such welfare programmes that were matchless in the whole world.
GVL is known for his pro-Jagan leanings within the BJP Delhi leadership. Political analysts say that GVL’s comments are proof enough of the BJP’s policy to prevent the main Opposition TDP victory in AP just like it totally spoilt the main Opposition Congress in Telangana.

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  1. The Strategy of BJP on how to expand their base in South states is a very clear. First they won with huge majority in north using religion and other stuff. With that they got the entire Majority just from North states, hence they totally started playing on South states. First they don’t give special status , and coerced CBN to accept for special package to which foolishly he accepted, next they told they will make a bill to get that package accepted , which they did not do very cleverly, later they did not support Amaravati initiative after 3 years of CBN rule and it became very late for CBN to revolt back on them and that helped them to portray TDP as the one that did not develop Andhra not them, so they escaped here and indirectly supposed YSRCP. Now YSRCP won with huge majority and unfortunately BJP also got huge majority without support from South states. Again they are removing funds to South states slowly where they are not in power, they removed funds from important projects like polavaram and hence Jagan has lot of cases on him, he just can’t fight BJP , and BJP is very clever that it’s trying to reduce the power of opposition of each state, in telengana it became a second power house now and in Andhra it is trying to totally dismantle TDP as well, if you observe , the leading power parties are supporting this, in telengana KCR got few incentives from BJP and desecrated Congress under the bus, same with YSRCP , hence Jagan is planning to stand a very unknown person in tirupathi bypol and giving some opportunities for BJP to get more votes than what they get.
    At the end they are just playing with South states sentiments and playing left and right with us that includes Tamil Nadu as well.

    I thought Congress was a very bad party before, but BJP is one of the worst, they just want to kill the opposition party with help of ruling party and later once they get some power they target the ruling party, due to these ruling party people having cases on them , they have no other option but to support them.

    I am sorry for the people of AP and Telengana , they just don’t realize these things and blindly following their leaders w.r.t caste.

    • I do agree. For partiton of ap. Bjp also a cause. They never objected. In parliment. Vengayya also played dramas. Yes. Babu mistake was. He should have not sworn in as. CM till special status is granted. Just like. 7. Mandals. He beleived. Modi blindly. His mistake.


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