Controversy Kangana ill talk on Mahatma Gandhi


12th March (today) is a special date, as in 1930, Mahatma Gandhi began Dandi March which has changed the fate of India. While, everyone are reminding him for his noble act, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut too reminded him, but for a different reason!

The actress criticised Gandhi, saying that he is not a great husband and parent. She claimed that Gandhi was accused by his own children for not being a good parent. “There are also mentions that Gandhi pushed out his wife away for not cleaning the toilets manually,” she said.

Also, Kangana said that male domination is the reason for Gandhi gaining such popularity. “He is a good leader but may not be a good husband, but the world is forgiving because he is a man,” she wrote.

Speaking about her film career, the beauty is going to be seen in two films – Thalaivi and Dhaakad. Kangana was also seen in Prabhas starrer Telugu film ‘Ek Niranjan in 2009. However, after the failure of this film, she hasn’t appeared in any Telugu film.

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  1. When gandhi pushed out kasturi. Kangana cleaned the toilets manually. బాగా బలిసి మాట్టాడుతుంది దీని మొహం చుడండి కాన్సర్ రోగి లాగ. మాడ గాడు సపోర్ట్ చెయ్యగానే పిచ్చెక్కిపోయి మాట్లాడుతుంది.

  2. Beyond comprehension that those who give sermons on “democracy”, “tolerance”, “dissent” 24*7 to others, also mock others as “bhakts”, themselves are so “intolerant” towards any “dissent” on Gandhi as if he is God. For that matter, in India even hindu Gods are criticised, humiliated, questioned by the same set of people in the name of “freedom of expression”, Gandhi still was just a human. So show some tolerance before giving sermons on the topic.

    • Please don’t forget that he is the father of the nation too …. No second person in this country will ever hold that post and title …. You can choose to hate him …but you cannot choose to disrespect him …. 🙏

  3. Mai bachhon ko humesha bolta hoon “padhai likhai karo nahi to Kangana jaisa jahil ban jayega”. Wo din bhi dur nahi jab kangana ko Rashtriya Pashu ghosit kar diya jayega.
    Apna ilaj karao kanganaji. Try to make sense, Else stay away from social media… tumse na ho payega.

    • అదొక దులది. , తీర్చుకోని , తిట్టించుకొని. టైం బాగాలేనప్పుడు అదే ముడుచుకొని మూలాన కూర్చుంటుంది .


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