Corona tally in Telangana 59. Govt can handle even 60,000 corona cases, says KCR


As the number of Covid-19 cases in Telangana rose to 59 with 10 fresh cases reported in single day on Friday, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao said the state medical administration is fully equipped to handle even 60,000 cases of corona although such a situation will not arise in Telangana.

Addressing a press conference, Chandrasekhara Rao said most of the positive cases reported in Telangana had travel history to various foreign countries and appealed to the people to cooperate with the government’s complete lockdown regulation to effectively contain the spread of the virus in the state. “Social distancing is the only potent weapon we have to fight this war against corona virus. We have all the medical facilities to deal with the current situation. However, social distancing is the best way to fight the virus,” he said. Despite the complete lockdown and total curfew from 7 pm to 6 30 am, Telangana has reported 10 positive cases of corona. Imagine the situation without these measures. It will be terrifying to even think,” the Chief Minister said while appealing to the people to stay indoors. “With a folded hands, I request the people of Telangana as the son of Telangana to remain where you are and don’t make any attempt to cross borders.”

In the light of students and IT employees making attempts to cross interstate borders, the Chief Minister asked the people to desist from leaving the state in their own interests and in the interests of other states. He appealed to the hostel managements in Hyderabad not to forcibly evacuate the inmates and warned that stern action would be taken against the managements of hostels if they fail to continue to provide accommodation to the hostellers. Recently, thousands of students and IT employees were asked to leave the hostels in light of the Covid-19 outbreak forcing them to leave the city to their native places in Andhra Pradesh. This created tension between the students/IT employees and the Andhra Pradesh police who barred them from entering into the AP borders.

He said the state government will allow poultry vehicles despite the complete lockdown and said it was a myth that consuming chicken leads to transmission of corona. “This is a stupid belief. As a matter of fact, people should consume eggs and chicken which has rich protein content required to boost immune systems. There is a false propaganda that chicken causes corona. We should not believe such propaganda,” he said. The poultry industry in Telangana has been severely hit amid rumours that coronavirus is transmitted through consumption of chicken, the prices of which have fallen considerably as a result. “Also fruits such as oranges, sweet lime and pomegranates are known to build immune systems. These are vitamin-packed fruits. The produce of these fruits in Telangana will not be exported for the benefit of Telangana people. High doses of Vitamin C will be good in these days of coronavirus,” he advised.

He said farmers, who sell their crops through established supply chains like market yards to sell their produce, should avoid doing so as the government has closed all markets after declaring complete lockdown to restrict the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Markets are essential activities for the economic livelihood of farmers and for food access for millions of people. The closure of markets has the potential to bankrupt farmers and force people to go without food. However, the CM assured that the government will buy their produce at their doorstep. The chief minister appealed to the farmers to keep their pass books and bank account details ready at the time of selling their produce directly to the government. “The marketyards are closed, therefore kindly do not go there to sell your produce. But be assured that the government will support the farming community in every which way. The government will stand behind the farming community in every possible manner. All arrangements are in place, so the farmers need not worry,” he assured.

Further, he said that the state government will ensure 24 hour power supply to the farmers and water supply from the Sri Ram Sagar Project and Jurala for irrigation till April 10. “Every single acre in Telangana will get water,” he assured. He directed the government power supply agencies to ensure that power is supplied 24 hours to the farmers without fail.

The state government has the capacity to treat 60,000 positive cases of corona. “We have kept 1,400 Intensive Care Unit beds ready to tackle any eventuality in the State. We are also roping in 11,000 healthcare professionals including the retired doctors and fresh medical graduates in our efforts to fight this monstrous virus. We have also made arrangements to create facilities at isolation centres and quarantine facilities to handle as many as 11,000 people suspected to have contracted the virus,” he said. However, all these efforts will be in vain if people fail to cooperate with the government’s effort by violating the lockdown. “I repeat social distancing is the only weapon to fight the virus,” he appealed.

The dreaded virus, the Chief Minister, said has affected every part of the globe. “America, the most powerful nation with top class medical facilities, is struggling in its fight against the virus. The country reported the highest ever number of infections recorded by any nation in a single day. We can imagine how the virus is crippling the world.”

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