Did Jagan make April fools out of AP people?


The day began with a highly unexpected, shocking story in the Deccan Chronicle. It carried a front page banner story ‘TDP merges with the BJP’. But the ultimate twist was given in the second part of the story that was published in the inside pages. The paper indirectly claimed the story to be an ‘April Fool joke’. Then the questions arose as to how it could be a joke when there was a serious war going on between the ruling YCP and the TDP.

Then, the TDP started an all out attack, saying that CM Jagan Reddy used DC owner Venkataram Reddy to play the wicked April fool joke. Not stopping at that, Nara Lokesh, Atchannaidu, Ayyanna Patrudu and all others joined the attacks. They said that it was CM Jaganmohan Reddy who has made April fools out of all the 5 crore people of Andhra Pradesh with his lies, falsehoods and false promises.

The issues of Capital shifting, Special Status, Polavaram funds, Sanna Biyyam, pensions for 45 year old people and Council came into the picture. CM was accused of taking U-turn on all these and betraying the AP people after coming to power with their votes. For just one story in the Deccan Chronicle, the TDP ran a full scale battle. The party has also released a short video film on how Jagan Reddy has made AP an April fools state with his betrayals and false statements.

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  1. BJP won’t allow TDP this time because TDP is shinking boat. No one dare to go alliance with TDP as it’s in worst stage because of CBN wrong decisions. But gossip is CBN trying hard for alliance with BJP and Janasena and they r not considering him.
    Why CBN not changing his idealogy. Why he always wants alliances. Why can’t he go for elections on own.

    • అవును మరి అవినీతి పరులైతే (6093 లాంటి వారు ) బాగా నమ్ముతారు కుక్కల్లాగా పది ఉంటారని.


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