Ease of Doing Business Ranks : AP , T celebrated too early

  • Ease of Doing Business Rankings 2016 :  Aug 30th deadline for submission  
  • In Aug 1st week, Some media incorrectly announced Telangana ranked first, AP  second
  • Current rankings are Andhra Pradesh is at 6th, Telangana at 9th position 

Andhra Pradesh, Telangana governments are racing to attract investments ever since Telangana was separated out of the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh in June 2014. Two Telugu states’ governments often wooed the same investors, extending tax benefits, incentives and offers of cheap land to attract investments.

Given the competitive background, it has become a prestigious issue for both states to be on top of the list, if any official nationwide assessment is done to determine which state has better investment friendly policies.One such assessment is “Ease of Doing Business “survey conducted by world bank, sponsored by Indian Government’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). Andhra Pradesh ranked second and Telangana 13th in this survey last year (2015).

For current year (2016) rankings, DIPP has invited all the states to submit their business reforms ‘implemented’ till June 30th 2016 is considered. However, Indian government has extended deadline to submit clarifications till Aug 30th 2016.

Without knowing this simple fact, in second week of July, ‘ Namasthe Telangana’ and ‘Sakshi’ like uninformed media outlets, with their political agenda, hiding the fact that assessment was not yet completed, ridiculed Andhra Pradesh government for being ranked at 13th in 2016 ( dropping from 2nd in 2015). Taking cue from their newspaper counterparts, few gossip websites too spit venom.

Later, in first week of August, Deccan Chronicle has reported that Telangana ranked first and AP ranked second, followers of ruling party in both states celebrated early. This DC news is also incorrect one.

Telugu360 would like to bring it to the attention of  leaders, people and Telugu media  that 2016 rankings are not yet reached final assessment; Current rankings are Andhra Pradesh is at 6th, Telangana at 9th position.
For Live rankings,  Visit this link , or Telugu360 will publish final rankings when they available.


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