Jagan Govt’s plan for ‘Mega Township’ in Amaravati lands


The YCP Government was floating different ideas on the future of lands in the Amaravati Capital City area in a very hilarious way. First, the ruling party Ministers said Amaravati was unfit for Capital because it was a low lying area. Later, they described it as a burial ground not fit for developing a Capital. They made plans to give house sites to thousands of poor families in the lands that were pooled from the Amaravati farmers for developing a global city.

Now, the Jagan regime raised curtains on a new gameplan. This is to develop a Mega Township in Amaravati lands so that housing plots could be given to the farmers who gave their ancestral lands for the Capital City project. Also, persons like film producer Aswini Dutt and actor Krishnam Raju could be given their promised compensation in the form of house sites in Amaravati Capital.

Usually, YCP Minister Botsa Satyanarayana, MLA Challa Ramakrishna Reddy and others would talk about new ideas. This time, pro-YCP MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi was bringing up the Township idea forward.

Vamsi is advising farmers to accept housing plots in Township so that their problem would be solved. The question is how such impractical and unscientific ideas could be brought forth. Who would stay in such a Mega Township in a place which would not have the promised Secretariat, Assembly, Raj Bhavan? Of course, it will serve a purpose which is to irritate and humiliate Amaravati farmers and the TDP.

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  1. కాపిటల్ కాకుండా చేసి సైట్స్. ఇస్తే. ఏ పల్లెటూళ్ళో నో ఇచ్చినట్టు అవుద్ది. అది. ఈ తొక్కలో గొవ్త్ చేసేదేంది దొబ్బి తినడానికి , J టాక్స్ వాసులు చేసుకోడానికి తప్ప. . అక్కడ కాపిటల్ రావలిసిందే , మోడీబాబా సహేస్బ్, జగ్లక్, గడ్డముక్కు కలిసి ఆంధ్ర ని తొక్కి పారేస్తున్నారు. ఇలా చేస్తే అమరావతి రైతులే దానిలో 25 acres స్మశానం చేసి ఈ మన్దకొడుకుల్ని సమాధి చేస్తారు.


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