Nishabdham Review – A Clumsy , Implausible Thriller


Nishabdham Movie Review

Nishabdham Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 2/5

Story (Spoiler Free):

Saakshi (Anushka) & Sonali (Shalini Pandey) are childhood friends. When visiting a haunted house in Seattle USA, Anthony (Madhavan), Sakshi’s husband is murdered. Richard (Micheal Madsen) & Mahaa (Anjali) from the Seattle Police Department are assigned the case and the rest of the movie is about murder investigation as they find the murderer.


Film opens in an interesting manner showcasing 1972 double murders in a remote house near Seattle, USA. On a Christmas night, an American couple was allegedly killed by a ghost and ever since the house had been branded as a haunted house. The house re-opens in 2019 after a businessman buys it for timeshare renting. With a complete set up in USA for a thriller, the film could have been easy cruise.

Showing the ultra-mass image heroine Anjali as a cop is doesn’t exactly sit well with the audience. Truly, no point in casting a retired, outdated, mass heroine for this role. However, she did try her best to justice to the role given, but that doesn’t help the movie much. A major part of the story is narrated from Anjali’s POV, until it finally shift to Vivek’s (Subbaraju) POV, making Mahaa’s screen time much longer than Anushka’s.

Kona Venkat and Hemanth Madhukar have letdown the audience when it comes to the writing and screenplay. The movies starts off as a horror genre, shifts to crime investigation genre, attempts to touch base love and illicit relations and finally just ends absurdly.

Even with all this, perhaps success wouldn’t have been too far off, if it had a series of effective mystery and reveal scenes as the puzzle is solved. Instead the duo took an easy path here using a first-person narrative, easy but ineffective as it falls flat to raise the audience’s pulse. Plenty of script errors, and a slow narrative just kills the film. Sonali – Sakshi possessive friendship is rather weird. The crime investigation is riddled with errors, mirrors the director-writer’s lack of understanding of the system.

The only character that felt casted right is that of R.Madhavan. What could have been a solid role for an actress of Anushka’s caliber looks place without proper backing from the writing department. Subbaraju’s character and his performance are just okay. Hollywood actor Michael Madsen is good in his role as Richard.On technical grounds this film is okay. Cinematography and background score are good, locations selection is good as well.

– Background score and Cinematography
– R.Madhavan
– Production Values

– Poor Screenplay
– Absurd Investigation scenes
– Inept direction

Nishabdham is an unimpressive, poorly written film. One may feel spending time is worthless even on the OTT platforms. Valuable stars like Anushka , Madhavan are wasted on this poor script. Overall, a disappointment output given the high budget.

Telugu360 Rating 2/5

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  1. ఇట్లాంటి సినిమాలకి 2 కూడా ఎక్కువ. ఈ సినిమా వెదవలు. తెలిసి చెప్తారో తెలియక చెప్తారో కానీ అన్ని అబద్దాలే చెప్తారు. ఈ పోకడ అల్లు ఇంట్లోంచి మొదలయింది. మెగా చెత్త సినిమాలు కూడా ఇలాగె చెప్పి మొదటి నాల్గు రోజుల్లోనే డబ్బులు చేసుకోడం మొదలెట్టారు. ఇప్పుడు అందరూ అదే ఫాలో అవుతున్నారు. ఈ కోన గడు పెద్ద కొంకిస్కా గొట్టం గడు. ప్రతోడు నాకంటే తెలివైనోడు ఇంకెవడు లేదనుకుంటారు. థియేటర్స్ ఉంటె అడ్వాన్స్ లు తీసుకుని బుక్ అయ్యే వాళ్ళు. ఇప్పుడు తిక్క కుదిరింది. ప్రైమ్ వాడు మునుగుడే. ఒర్ బుజ్జి గ కూడా చెత్తే. . మార్చ్ దాక సినిమా హాళ్ళకి వెళ్ళకండి ఫ్రెండ్స్. వెళితే మాత్రం ra 40,000- 4 లచ్క్స్ ఖర్చు అవుతాయి కరోనా వచ్చి. తర్వాత మీ ఇష్టం.


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