Jagan realises only ‘welfare’ won’t help his rule for long?


The YCP Ministers and MLAs and field level activists used to boast highly that their party would remain in power for the next 30 years. Jaganmohan Reddy would remain Chief Minister for the next three decades. Their full confidence used to be on Jagan’s Cash Transfer welfare schemes. In recent weeks, the ruling party leaders were nor repeating such tall claims. Even CM was showing more interest in getting publicity out of welfare schemes rather than extending their benefits to the last deserving poor family. Most families are not being given these benefits along political lines.

Writing about this in his latest Weekend Comment, ABN Radha Krishna says that CM Jagan has come to terms with reality now. The CM has realised that his massive welfare drive has not created the kind of positive popularity that he expected among the voters. As a result, like never before, Mr. Jagan has started changing his approach a little bit. He is no longer totally ignoring comments on his Government’s programmes. Guidelines on flood relief were changed recently as part of this. Also, the decision on survey stones bearing Jagan photos was also being changed.

Another disturbing thing for the CM is the fact that there is a growing anti-YCP feeling among the middle class sections. This is indeed a big concern. These sections play a crucial role in urban and semi urban areas. This trend apparently forced the CM to make amends slightly to controversial decisions of this Government in order to check the rising tide of unpopularity.

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    • Yes bro,few years lo aa class alane untundi middle class kuda labour class ki slowly vachestundi bcs hike in petrol prices, hike in daily supplies and decline in income.unemployment is a big concern in this regime.future of the state is at stake due to undisputed welfare schemes.


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