KCR’s challenge on Aasara Pensions


Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday rubbished the claims of the BJP leaders that the Aasara pensions in the State were being funded by the central government.

Clarifying that the Centre’s share was only 1.8 percent of the total expenditure, while the remaining 98.2 percent amounting to more than 11,000 crore were allocated by the State for 2020-21.

“The state government gives Rs 2,016 to each pension beneficiary under the Aasara pension scheme, of this, the central government’s contribution is a mere Rs 200. The state government has been spending Rs 11,000 crore towards the Aasara scheme, of this the Centre’s contribution is Rs 105 crore. Around 38 lakh persons benefit from the scheme. The Centre’s contribution to the pensions benefits about 7 eligible beneficiaries. The BJP leaders are spreading falsehood and utter lies. The BJP leaders are claiming that the Centre’s contribution is Rs 1,600 crore. They are living a lie,” the Chief Minister said.

The State government spends Rs 977 crore per month towards Aasara pensions, the Centre’s contribution is only Rs 210 crore for the entire financial year. He said the Telangana government had allocated huge funds to ensure that senior citizens and other beneficiaries of Aasara pensions lead a dignified life in society.

“If what I am saying is wrong, then I am ready to quit as the Chief Minister of Telangana. If you are people of character and if you are men, accept my challenge and prove me wrong. I will resign if you can prove that the numbers I have quoted are wrong. It is a shame that the BJP leaders are spreading lies,” he said.

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