Kodali comments force TDP into defensive mode


Everytime, there is a political crisis, Minister Kodali Nani comes to the fore to defend CM Jagan Reddy and the YCP. Especially, when there are huge corruption allegations against the CM, the Minister raises his voice. Almost all the time, Kodali’s attacks on the TDP go along personal lines. He unhesitatingly calls Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh in different abusive terms which other politicians usually avoid.

In his latest attack also, Kodali has used unparliamentary language against Naidu and Lokesh. The attack came at a time when the TDP levelled ‘quid pro quo’ allegations against Jagan Reddy in allotment of sand mining to one particular bankrupt company with total rights in the State.

After the Jagan Government lost the CID cases in the High Court, the YCP faced a bitter attack from the TDP. The YCP leaders were not able to come out with counter attacks. The TDP started challenging Jagan Reddy to prove his party allegations against Naidu in the Amaravati assignment lands.

At such a time, Kodali came on to the scene and launched a personal attack to which the TDP was found searching for the right language to counter the Minister’s attacks. Undoubtedly, the TDP is unable to match with the abusive words that are being used by the YCP Ministers from time to time. Obviously, the YCP leaders fearlessly use any sort of language because they have got support from above. But, the TDP leaders are thinking twice before making any comments considering the moderate language usually used by their party top leaders.

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  1. వేడి బతుకు అందరికి తెలుసు. హరి కృష్ణ రెండో పెళ్ళాం దగ్గరకెళ్ళినప్పుడు. బయట కాపలా కాసిన కుక్క. , jr . ఎన్టీఆర్. పెద్దయ్యాక. బాడీ గార్డ్ గ పని చేసిన కుక్క. లారీ లు తోలుకునేవాడికి బూతు బాషా తప్ప ఏమొస్తది. రేపు వీడి అందమైన పెళ్ళాం పిల్లల్ని ఎవడైనా బూతులు తిడితే ఎక్కడ పెట్టుకుంటాడో బూతు మినిస్టర్ .

  2. You do not expect anything decent feo. such a goonda party and goonda ministers. There is nothing wrong if the entire Govt is dismissed and the @@%^#^#& are abused back and put into jail for foul language. They are not human beings. They are worms born out of gutters.


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