Mahanati Day1 AP/TS Collections – Good Opening


Mahanati Day1 AP/TS Collections

Mahanati has taken a good opening in Telugu States with a distributor share of close to 1.5 cr. It is an own release by producer all over Telugu States on advance basis. Theatrical rights of the film in Telugu states including expenses are valued for 12 Cr. The film is carrying very good reports.

Below are the area wise Day1 shares

Area23 Days Collections16 Days Collections12 days Worldwide Collections1st Week Collections1st day Collections
Nizam10.55 Cr9.15 Cr7.90 Cr4.85Cr0.66Cr
UA3.45 Cr2.85 Cr2.25 Cr1.34Cr0.18Cr
Ceded 2.30 Cr1.95 Cr1.60 Cr0.93Cr013Cr
Guntur1.88 Cr1.59 Cr1.35 Cr0.83Cr0.09Cr
Krishna 2.14 Cr1.85 Cr1.60 Cr1.03Cr0.15Cr
East 2.01 Cr1.62 Cr1.35 Cr0.76Cr0.10Cr
West1.40 Cr1.15 Cr 0.93 Cr0.52Cr0.06Cr
Nellore0.69 Cr0.57 Cr0.44 Cr0.26Cr0.04Cr
Total AP/TG24.42 Cr20.73 Cr17.42 Cr10.52Cr1.41Cr
ROI3.25 Cr2.90 Cr2.50 Cr1.60Cr
Overseas10.40 Cr9.70 Cr9.30 Cr7.50Cr
WorldWide38.07 Cr33.33 Cr29.22 Cr19.62Cr

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