Manchu Lakshmi , Clean your own house first !


Soon after the Pre-look of veteran director Vamsi’s upcoming film ‘Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor’ was unveiled the other day, Manchu Lakshmi criticized the makers for objectifying women. The poster has a man taking the measurements of a girl’s private parts. Well, the poster was undoubtedly sexually suggestive but considering the theme of the film, it could also have been seen as pertinent. Haven’t we seen more raunchy posters in the recent times, the best ex. being Avasarala Sreenivas’s ‘Babu Baaga Busy’?

No ones knows why Manchu Lakshmi particularly targeted the poster of Fashion Designer? It may be noted that twitterati didn’t appreciate her view and instead they reminded her to first go look at the kind of movies that her family has been making.

For ex. Vishnu’s last hit film, ‘Eedorakam Aadorakam’ was filled with crude jokes and over-exposing. Who can forget the eye feast provided by the film’s lead heroines – Sonarika and Hebah Patel throughout the film, especially in the ‘Ko Ko Kodi’ song. Didn’t debutante Taapsee’s each and every body part was raunchily exposed in ‘Jhummandi Naadam’ which starred Manoj in lead role and Mohan Babu in a key role?

Leave aside the younger Manchu heroes, didn’t a 55-year-old Mohan Babu romanced a 18-year-old Charmee in ‘Political Rowdy’ (2005)? There was even a sexy beach song in the film where the Manchu family head was seen romancing a gyrating Charmee?

The aforementioned films are just a few examples and one can find enough evidences of women objectification in the movies starring Manchu family heroes. If Lakshmi is really concerned about the way women are getting objectified in movies, she first needs to bring a change in the kind of movies the Manchu Men are acting in.

Siva Rajesh, Tirupati

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