Modi mania rises as whole India praises


A massive wave of support and jubilation is building up in favour of the Modi government’s bold move to set right the decades-old Kashmir crisis. Cheer and joy are evident among almost all sections of Indians. Like never before, the BJP graph has risen to a new peak. Modi mania is rising everywhere just as entire India is praising the Centre’s surgical strike on Article 370. The common man is still wondering whether it is a happy dream from which he or she is unwilling to wake.

The impossible has become possible. The unexpected has happened. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proved yet again what a strong leader he is and how stable he is to steer India to peace, stability and prosperity to eventually become one among the Global Powers.

Analysts say that if Jamili elections are held now, it is for sure that Modi will sweep the country with just his charisma and his name alone. Indians have watched Kashmir violence and bloodshed all these seven decades in silent pain. Now, they are relieved that there is a ray of hope. The positive emotion is so big that even Opposition Congress leaders are singing in praise of Modi. Congress Chief Whip Bhubaneswar Kalitha (Rajya Sabha) already resigned in protest against his party decision to criticise BJP on Kashmir issue. Congress senior leader Janardhan Dwivedi said that a historic mistake is rectified and it will put an end to prolonged conflict. Many Congress leaders and MLAs across the country are supporting Modi action like this.

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