Modi’s all thoughts are about serving India, says Bear Grylls


The BJP sympathisers are overjoyed over British adventurer Bear Grylls latest adventure ‘Man Vs Wild’ with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The cause for celebration is the lavish, special praise heaped by Grylls on Modi during their adventure in the jungles. Grylls gave his impressions that he never came such a leader like Narendra Modi whose all thoughts are for the service of India.

Grylls asked Modi a variety of questions about his early life, motivation to enter politics, impact of parents and the moment that inspired him to become Prime Minister. At the age of 17 and 18 years, Modi left home and toured the Himalayas as he wanted and loved to be with Nature always. At that time, he was full of ideas how to serve the people and how to serve the motherland. Modi told Grylls that he knew no fear but that his mind was preoccupied with thoughts of doing something for the people and the country. As a boy, he helped and served his father by selling tea on the railway platform. Modi served as Gujarat CM for 13 years that was when he founded motivation to serve the whole country. Grylls was thrilled to find Modi’s whole dedicated to the service of people and India. Grylls said that this life time dedicated service is something not seen in Western life which centres on self and getting but not giving and serving.

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