Mohan Raja’s interesting changes for Lucifer remake


Mega star Chiranjeevi recently announced Lucifer remake in the direction of Mohan Raja. While Sujith, director of Saaho, and VV Vinayak failed to impress Chiranjeevi with the changes, Mohan Raja was able to impress Chiranjeevi. As per the reports, he made some very interesting changes to the main story of Lucifer. Details as below.

When Chiranjeevi announced last year that he is planning to remake Lucifer, many wondered whether it will work out in Telugu. Knowing clearly that, it will not work out if remade as is, Chiranjeevi asked directors to come up with new script that is loosely based on Lucifer, retaining the interesting elements of Lucifer. It seems the version narrated by Sujith, the director of Saaho, is 90% same as original with just 10% changes in the scenes, especially in the 2nd half and so Chiranjeevi felt it may not work out. Then, VV Vinayak and his team of writers worked for several weeks in changes, and later they themselves concluded that they can’t go ahead with this script and conveyed the same to Chiranjeevi. Then entered Mohan Raja.

The director is Remake Raja :

Mohan Raja, is son of editor Mohan, who produced Hitler movie with Chiranjeevi that gave a hit to Chiranjeevi when he badly needed it. Mohan Raja started his career with remakes and most of his remakes were successful and he was called as Remake Raja in Tamil industry. After directing several remakes from Telugu to Tamil, he made his first original venture “Thani Oruvan” , which was an instant blockbuster. This movie was remade as Dhruva with Ram Charan in the direction of Surender Reddy. Then Mohan Raja was preparing a sequel for Dhruva keeping Ram Charan in mind. It is at this time he came to know about Chiranjeevi‘a plans of remaking Lucifer. As per the reports, he actually has a completely different script that he prepared and suits any super star, and he cleverly blended his original script with Lucifer and narrated to Chiranjeevi. That’s the reason Chiranjeevi liked it immensely as the movie can thrill even those who already watched Lucifer movie.

As Mohan Raja has a very good track record in directing remakes and also has Telugu roots, there are high expectations on this venture in the industry. We need to wait and see whether Mohan Raja can reach the expectations of Telugu audience or not.

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