NBK Comments on MAA issue are self contradictory, say netizens


Movie artistes Association elections have become even more interesting with sudden entry of star hero Nandamuri Bala Krishna. His comments, as always, drew wide attention from media as well as from film circles. In social media also his comments were widely discussed yesterday. However, netizens say his comments are self contradictory. Details as follows.

Bala Krishna was giving interview to a channel yesterday. As Movie artists Association elections is the hot topic nowadays, reporter asked Bala Krishna to respond on the same in that interview . Bala Krishna started his response with a piece of advice to his fellow artists. He said, movie industry itself is a glamour industry and so we should not expose our internal differences to the media. But in the next minute, he started targeting other artists by questioning them about why can’t they get 1 acre land from Telangana government despite playing doodle doodle to the government. Even though media missed this self contradiction, netizens did not. They Commented on social media that Bala Krishna is asking others not to discuss the differences in front of media but he himself is not following the same.

Another point that drew the ire of netizens is that, he is blaming other artists for not getting land from government while he did not do anything for movie artistes Association building or land when his party was in power. There is another point that netizens are seriously confused about i e. why government has to give land to Movie artistes Association building. Government land is property of people. Movie heroes are earning crores of rupees from remuneration and if all of them contribute a little bit, it is not a big deal for them to buy 1 acre land but Bala Krishna suggesting others to get that labs from government. While Balakrishna also offered to help in constructing the building why can’t he offer help in buying 1 acre of land for the Movie artistes Association building, netizens questioned.

Even though Balakrishna did not reveal whom will he support elections, It is almost clear now that he will be supporting Manchu Vishnu. With this latest developments, it has also become clear that there will be elections this time and the possiblity of electing the panel unanimously is almost ruled out. We need to wait and see how more dramatic this MAA election turn out to be

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