Netizens satire: Bigg boss Telugu season 4 to be remembered as “Pulihora” season?


Bigg boss season 4 started grandly, then dipped for a week or so, but again rose from 3rd week. Then onwards, it went on to get good ratings for a couple of weeks. But all of a sudden, the ratings as well as quality of the content dropped huge. More than all this, there have been satires on this season by the netizens that this season will be remembered as the best “Pulihora” season in the history of Telugu Bigg boss.


Literally this means tamarind rice. But as a colloquial, this term is used to refer someone who is trying to flirt with girls without focusing on the actual work they are supposed to do. Comedy shows like Jabardasth, Adirindi, and comedians like vennela Kishore and Hyper aadi were seen using this word frequently.

Why this season is called pulihora season by the netizens:

Bigg boss season 1 is so far the cleanest season in Telugu. Season 2 completely revolved around Kaushal. The housemates who tried to develop relations in the house were outrightly rejected by the audience in that season. Season 3 was mostly entertainment based, though Rahul and punarnavi romantic thread was called pulihora by vennela Kishore. People had lot of negativity on Punarnavi and evicted her as soon as she came into the nominations after being saved by Bigg boss for several weeks.

Unlike the previous seasons, this season has mostly bachelors and so housemates formed couples among themselves. Monal and Akhil, Abhijeet and Harika, Avinash and Ariyana behaving like couples who are seeing each other. Monal kissing and hugging Akhil when the lights went off on one of the episodes did not go well with some sections of the audience. Her triangle story in the initial episodes also irritated the audience. Bigg boss focusing on the romantic moments between these housemates giving an impression to the audience that this season is targeted to attract youth towards this show.

Bigg boss decisions also confirming that this season is meant for “pulihora”?

The audience of Bigg boss is getting surprised by the evictions during this season. While the elimination of Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani and Sujata are in congruent with the opinion of the audience, the eliminations of Devi, Kumar Sai and Divi seen as biased decisions by Bigg boss makers. It is known thing that these three housemates were strong during the tasks and got very good voting too. Bigg boss makers seemed to have manipulated the final results on those weekends. Kumar and Divi, as per reports, made scapegoats to save Monal. Bigg boss makers retaining some house mates, who were giving footage to show through their special relationships, and eliminating the contestants who are playing the game genuinely giving the impression that this season is indeed a “PULIHORA” season.

We need to wait and see if big boss is going to change the ways and provide clean entertainment in the coming days or not.

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