Pawan advises Govt to focus on Covid, not arrests


Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan has strongly criticised the YCP Government for its lopsided, unhealthy priorities. He said the Coronavirus was raging in the State. Even for medicines, the patients had to run around over 10 shops but were not able to find them. Remdesivir injections were going to black market. No beds and oxygen supply in the hospitals.

Senani asked how the Jagan Reddy regime could shift its focus to arrests when the Covid situation was alarming and even reaching catastrophic proportions. How can this Government target its political rivals instead of coming to the rescue of the suffering public?

Pawan Kalyan asked whether it was same for the YCP to arrest its own MP just because he was criticising its Government’s decisions and actions. This was not a time for making arrests. The Government should take others along with it in order to extend all possible help to the people in this grave crisis.

On the other hand, Raghurama Raju’s lawyers moved house motion in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh. The court ordered the CID to extend medical care. The hearing is likely to come up in the afternoon today.

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  1. Pichhi. PK. Corona tho sahajeevanam cheyyali. , inka focus yemundhi. Arrest le mukyam repu manam jail ki pote villu jail ki porugada andhuke twaraga anandarini jail ki pampite. Tarwata mana kaksha tiraka manam jail lo sahhina parledu.

  2. People are co-existing and co-dying with Coronavirus. There is Covid in every home almost nowadays. The Governments should set aside their long-term political survival games. They should start working for the people’s survival. Without people, there would be no voters to vote them to power..


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