Police notices to TDP leaders on ‘Chalo Assembly’


The Jagan Reddy Police Rajyam is taking all precautionary measures to counter the ‘Chalo Assembly’ call given by the Amaravati JAC. The police have pasted notices outside TDP main leaders houses asking them not to move out of their houses tomorrow. Former Minister Devineni Umamaheswar Rao, MP Kesineni Nani, Ex MLC Buddha Venkanna and scores of leaders received these notices. The government is holding Assembly tomorrow at 11 a.m. The Amaravati farmers in all 29 villages are intensifying their protests. The agitation leaders are making efforts to mobilise maximum support from the people. Likewise, the police are taking advance steps to stop agitators at different entry locations in Vijayawada, Guntur and other towns itself.

Meanwhile, TDP North Andhra MLAs Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Vasupalli Ganesh did not attend the TD Legislature Party meeting held today. It is obvious that the North Andhra MLAs of all parties are taking precautions not to get attached to anti-Capital shifting agitation. These MLAs will have no option but to support Vizag Capital status in the Assembly session.

Chandrababu Naidu has discussed with the party leaders on how to give a strong fight within the Assembly despite YCP’s brute majority. JAC is expecting huge police resistance to Chalo Assembly but still they are expecting public support to their cause.

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  1. How selfish one can be? Andhra Pradesh has set an example. Center could not split Tamil Nadu, it could not split Maharashtra, it could not split Madhya Pradesh, it could not split West Bengal. Because? The leaders and its people were together and resisted it tooth and nail. But it could split Andhra Pradesh. Because of the selfish interests of its leaders and people. Don’t care attitude towards their mother land. Shame on us. Just 5 years ago the split happened and Still manaki buddhi ralledu. What a shame.
    Now we the leaders and people of Andhra Pradesh have rolled up our sleeves to again fight among ourselves to allow a split of emotions, sentiments, culture and regions into 3 or more pieces. Oh ! the farmers question? Callous attitude of “It’s ok”, they are just farmers. Don’t care. Even if they have been protesting since past 33 or so days, and 18 or so farmers died fighting for a just cause, for a problem slammed/thrusted on them which was not of their making at all, as a reward for their volunteer patriotism for their Janmabhoomi, and in getting physically beaten/abused by police and worse being verbally beaten/abused by politician.
    Shame on us collectively. Telugu Pride? Forget it. Andhra respect ? don’t ever go near it as we have proved all of that to be just and only just Lip service to serve our own selfish needs. Period. Rise now or allow Telugu pride and Andhra respect to perish in the rubble of our own Selfish boghi. And than, do not dare call yourself a Telugu or having roots from Andhra Pradesh as, if you do so your heads would have to hang in shame.
    If your emotions are twitching, forward this message ahead to fellow Andhras and rise to join hands and stop this nonsense engineered splits in the name and garb of our Capital/s amongst us that is detrimental to the cohesion and development of Andhra Pradesh.
    Jago Telugu Jago!


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