Post Pandemic: Tollywood paves new paths


Several experts and analysts predicted that the top actors, actresses, technicians and directors would slash down their remunerations to bring Tollywood out from the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The filmmakers also predicted that it would take more than a year for the distribution and exhibition sector to return back to track. Even the actors and directors are worried if this would have an impact on their careers. But things are extremely different in Telugu cinema. While the other markets are yet to reopen on a full-fledged note, Tollywood has the release chart for the year full.

None of the actors and filmmakers slashed their remunerations and some of them even hiked their fees. The theatrical market is back with a bang and the audience are rushing to theatres. Ever since the Indian government granted 100 percent occupancy for theatres, the distributors are ready to buy films for record prices. The producers of all the summer releases made decent to huge profits even before the release of their projects. With multiple films heading for release, the exhibitors are all excited to rake money in the upcoming season.

Not stopping here, all the actors of Telugu cinema turned signing spree and are keen to work without breaks. Chiranjeevi allocated three months for every project starting from Lucifer remake. He is expected to complete three projects in a year starting from March. All the actors are picking up the same paths and are in plans to shoot for back to back films. On the whole, Tollywood is back with a bang after coronavirus pandemic and is on the right track.

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